A controversial slogan over Manchester City Stadium: life is life for white people! Opponents denounce

 A controversial slogan over Manchester City Stadium: life is life for white people! Opponents denounce

The announcement went on: the clubs community plan has received many awards, works with people of all genders, religions and faiths, and opposes any form of racism. We fully support the Premier Leagues black lives are lives initiative, and since the Premier League was restarted, like all other Premier League teams, our players and staff have voluntarily knelt on one knee before the game against Manchester City. We apologise unreservedly to the Premier League, Manchester City and all the people who helped promote black lives are lives.

And Burnley captain Benjamin Rice said after the game: I want to talk about the plane before the game first. I am ashamed and embarrassed. A few of our fans decided to put out such a slogan. Their behavior is totally wrong. The boys in the dressing room are embarrassed to see it. Its not what we want. They are wrong. These people need to enter the 21st century and get self-education like many of us.

Benjamin rice added: they are totally wrong, not on behalf of our goals, the meaning of the club, the interests of the players and the interests of the majority of the fans, thats just a small part of them, and Im really sorry for that. When we came out, we heard some talk about it, the club tried to stop them from doing it, I heard it was arranged by a few people, I hope it will not happen again. Im ashamed, Im not happy that its linked to my club, its not what we want to see in the game, I totally condemn it

Finally, Benjamin Mi said: I hope these people can learn from what we are trying to do and understand the goal that the black life is also the life movement is trying to achieve. We want equality in society, football, race, religion, gender, non heterosexuality and so on. The players will work together and we will work together against this minority

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