What kind of man will you choose? Actually, it has already been set. You should come to see it in advance

 What kind of man will you choose? Actually, it has already been set. You should come to see it in advance

He said to me that he has done a good job in mind building. If I can accept his illness, he will take good care of me; if I cant accept it, if I want to leave, he wont kidnap morally, and he will wish me happiness.

I feel very painful. On the one hand, I like him and want to grow old together. On the other hand, I feel scared. I dont know what kind of risk I will take if I keep going.

Im afraid that Im going to get married. When I have a child, hes not in good health and cant work hard. Ill take care of him and his family all the time and bear the grief of his leaving first.

Sometimes I feel like God made a joke for me. When I choose a partner, I think about how I like him. Im also a peer. I can spend more time with each other.

At that time, when my relatives died, I felt that life was short, and I refused to marry someone who was seven years older and had better conditions. Fear of disease, fear of death, the result of the choice of the object of disease.

Now I am very sad and cant accept the fact that he is ill; on the other hand, I dont know how to make a choice to make a happy life in the future.

When I see this story, Im a little grateful, because you are asking the right person.

I am a person who has had thyroid cancer and had half of my thyroid removed.

About the text message of this disease and the anti-cancer story of my experience, I have written this article: my personal experience: what to do when finding thyroid nodules?? How to treat thyroid cancer? u300bFor anyone who wants to know about thyroid problems.

The video is about my experience at that time; the article wrote more information and the process of my complete recovery after the operation.

Next, I give this girl two parts of response:

First of all, if the operation is successful, it will not affect the life span, and you should not worry too much about it.

You have to worry about yourself.

Through your description in the story, I feel that my life is short after my relatives died, and I refuse to meet someone who is 7 years older and with better conditions.. Fear of disease, fear of death .

I can feel that the relationship between you and the subject of death has not been dealt with well. This is a lesson you have to do.

What we are afraid of and what we come to.

When we are afraid of a certain kind of topic, our choice will be restricted by it and preset by it.

If you want to get rid of this kind of set destiny, it is not to escape it, not to repel it, but to perceive what it brings, for example, here, it brings you fear and anxiety.

However, this is your own anxiety about death, which needs to be faced by yourself.

In addition, I dont know if you are interested in the topic of death. Do you want to know about it.

If you want to know, we can hold a special creative meeting on death to help some people face, including the trauma of relatives leaving, as well as the connection and fear between themselves and death.

Today is just a little question and answer, so lets call it off.

If you need to, we can certainly do a special topic, in-depth to serve you.

It was because of the experience at that time, as well as my whole anti-cancer process, that I really accepted the impermanence of life.

I will never again resent the so-called injustice for all the things in the world.

I accepted everything, no matter good or bad, no matter why it came, I know this is the world.

Its not easy to get to this place. Without that experience, I dont think I can understand it.

It is because of the experience of impermanence that I will have a compassionate heart to treat myself, and a compassionate heart to treat all things.

If you can fix the course, youll be free in the future.

You can also use it as a gift in your life.

If you cant accept this gift and learn this course, its hard to imagine how you will face your life, death and death in the future.

You can learn this lesson earlier, and then you will not be so miserable. Isnt that a kind of luck?

You will find out what kind of man you will choose subconsciously, maybe you are related to a mans topic, such as the problem of his thyroid gland. Highlight your relationship with death. This is the special lesson of your intimacy.

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