After having a meal with my parents, I decided to divorce. The love women want is very simple

 After having a meal with my parents, I decided to divorce. The love women want is very simple

I think so.

If you are lucky enough to marry a good husband, your life will be different.

If you marry a bad husband, your life may be very bad.

A reader wrote to me: when I was with her husband, I was attracted by her husbands photographic charm. I felt that the man who can take such a good picture must be a man who is good at finding beauty in life..

Unfortunately, it was her husbands photography hobby that eventually led to her divorce from her husband.

Why do two people become enemies from the beginning? She didnt want to see him again even after the divorce.

In fact, it has something to do with the mans attitude. He has a hobby of photography before marriage. After marriage, he is still addicted to photography and even obsessed with it.

However, as a normal person, we will think that marriage means the formation of a family, which is naturally not as free as being single before marriage, and may be adjusted.

Especially as a man, also need to pay for the family, this is a good relationship of the family.

This readers occupation is a teacher. Her working hours are too long. In addition, she has to prepare lessons occasionally when she goes back in the evening and deal with various problems at home. She feels exhausted.


Gradually, she began to complain about her husbands inaction and family responsibilities.

But my husband turns a deaf ear. Every day, he either fiddles with the camera or looks at the P-picture of the computer.

In his sight, he is fond of photographing and repairing pictures, forgetting that he is a family man.

The husband can make complaints about her husbands behavior, hoping that his wife can remind her husband.

Its a pity that my mother-in-law dotes on her son too much. She thinks that such behavior of her son is a meaningful and valuable pursuit. She also asks her daughter-in-law to support their sons dream unconditionally.

In this way, this feeling of disappointment and helplessness, like a seed, began to accumulate more and more in her heart, and in one night, she completely collapsed.

She also has a dream, but why sacrifice her time and energy to fulfill her husbands photography dream?

No one is willing to be so tired all the time. Its better to be single than to be so tired.

People who want to leave are often silent and dont leave any thoughts for others.

The thought of leaving is often derived from the light details.

In her heart, how she yearns for such a marriage as her parents. She has a partner in her eyes and is willing to spend time making a meal with her partner.

She told her parents that she wanted to divorce. Her parents showed their respect and comforted her by saying: dont hurt yourself if you cant go on living. Divorce doesnt matter. Your parents can still support you.

When her husband went out to shoot, she hired a moving company to pack and move all her belongings.

As for the divorce agreement, she didnt want to see it any more. Let the lawyer handle it for her. She just wanted to stay away from the man who broke her heart.


A happy marriage, I didnt expect, was lost to the reality, to the daily life of those firewood, rice, oil and salt.

In fact, everyone has their own big or small dreams, which may be to become a writer, or to become a young slasher, and so on.

A good marriage can make you better and complete each other. In the pursuit of dreams, the other half becomes the most important teammate, and each other can also get happiness in the marriage.

However, we are just ordinary mortals. We cant do without such trivial things as food, clothing, housing and transportation. We have to spare no effort to deal with the difficult housework, so that we can pursue freedom and ideals after having milk and bread.

When two people get married, its not just a simple engagement. More often, it will make a woman change dramatically.

If the married man is a man who is enterprising, responsible for marriage and caring for his wife, then naturally, women are willing to fully support their husbands dream and reflect each other.


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