9 million yuan of Haidian school district housing in Beijing lost to the schools registration order

 9 million yuan of Haidian school district housing in Beijing lost to the schools registration order

In July 2019, after comparing more than ten school district houses in Xicheng and Haidian, Yu Tinghua bought a 70 square meter old house in Wanshou Road, Haidian District. It was completed in 1984 with a unit price of 120000 yuan +. The house is in line with Beijing Yuying school and has been upgraded to junior high school for nine years. Yuying school is an old famous school in Beijing. In 2019, it also won the first place in the college entrance examination.

Pictures of wanshouyuan community, Haidian District, Beijing

Suddenly announced registration sequence plan

When buying a house, Yu Ting did not hesitate because of the 1911 policy.

1911 policy refers to that at the end of 2018, Haidian District suddenly threw out a heavy bomb. From January 1, 2019, if the housing newly registered in Haidian District and obtained the real estate certificate of the housing is used to apply for enrollment, it will no longer correspond to one school and implement multi school planning. However, there is no more specific implementation of this clause, which has caused numerous disputes. Some time ago, the volume of housing transactions in Xicheng school district soared, because from July 31 this year, multi school planning will also be implemented - at least in the name of multi school planning.

Yu Ting has consulted several intermediaries and has been asking for information from other parents who buy houses in the area. Most of the responses are that according to the ranking table of Yuying school, the first ranking is the house owner of the parents and the family. There has never been a case that the first ranking school is unable to go to Yuying school headquarters (Note: Yuying school includes Wanshou Road headquarters, Xicui Road, aerospace, Zijin Changan campus). Even in November 2019, a parent replied to Yu Ting that she had been in the area for nearly 10 years, and the first ranking had not changed, and the house bought after 1911 was OK.

Magnesium editor noted that the enrollment brochures of Yuying school in 2019 were released on May 31 of that year. At that time, many parents exchanged information that felt that the degree of Yuying school was relatively sufficient, didnt mention 1911, and didnt emphasize household registration. Compared with the enrollment brochures of another primary school, it emphasized household registration, and felt that there were not so many rules and regulations..

Yu Ting is also a faithful parent. She has seen too many school districts. Compared with the same price of old broken small in the West City, Yu Ying School and the surrounding area of Wanshou Road are more attractive to her. No matter what, the first place is always stable.

Yu Ting said that before, she had a lot of communication with parents in the forum. There are all parents who consult the school district room, and they have experience. Everyone has the same purpose, so I trust them. Yu Ting said that she also studied the registration ranking scheme of Yuying school for childrens promotion to primary school in recent years, and did not mention the purchase policy requirements similar to 1911, so she bought the school district house.

But this years enrollment policy of Yuying school headquarters just stepped on this fluke.

Beijing Yuying schools registration sequence plan for upgrading from young to young in 2020

On June 13 of this year, Yuying school issued the registration sequence plan for childrens promotion to primary school. What Yu Ting didnt expect was that the first article of the plan clearly listed except for the new registration after January 1, 2019 (including) and obtaining the real estate certificate of the house. In this way, the first priority has become a bubble. Yu Tings children will be transferred to other campuses of Yuying school. In her opinion, this has lost the significance of buying Yuying school district houses..

The reporter learned in the interview that some schools in Haidian District have not implemented the 1911 policy, such as Cuiwei primary school and Bayi primary school, but the enthusiasm of these two schools is not as high as Yuying.

School district room forum derived from online education network

Its not recommended to buy the school district housing of Yuying at present. The final negotiation between the Education Committee and the parents who bought the house after 1911 has not come out, or you can wait, but I dont think the rate is high. Wang Qing, a real estate consultant at Yuying School District, told the school that she also suggested that the school district near Cuiwei or Bayi primary school should be considered.

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From the listing of institutions, according to the rough statistics, the houses of Yuying school district (including its sub campuses) such as zhugezhuang community, wanshouyuan community, Zijin Changan, etc. are mostly priced at 100000 yuan +, the highest price is 140000 yuan +, and the total price is 8-20 million yuan. According to the survey, due to the special geographical location, the houses near Yuying school are mostly central production rooms.

Mgbian learned that the parent help forum mentioned by Yu Ting was originally the forum of XRS, which is the largest parent community of K12 students in China according to its own online information. In recent years, the parent help forum has gradually developed and expanded, which has been in-depth in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as major cities in the country, and has become a public forum for parents to exchange education and parenting experience, with a high degree of recognition among parents in Beijing.

Beijing Yuying school photo source: edited by magnesium

According to the insiders, this forum has been deeply manipulated by some speculation forces and individuals, and has become a famous school district housing website. The reporter noticed that in the Beijing Branch of parents help, school district room keyword jumped out of 13489 posts. However, the business information about the promotion of XRS courses and advertising agency is still in a prominent position. Extended reading and development and Reform Commission issued the central budget of 3.5 billion yuan in two batches to support Hainan free trade port national network information office to interview Zhang Bincheng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shaanxi Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd. in 10 online live platforms such as Huya and douyu. Source: Daily Economic News editor: Yang Bin_ NF4368