One inch of lovesickness in youth Tour: learning Zuoqings words in love will reduce many missed and misunderstandings

 One inch of lovesickness in youth Tour: learning Zuoqings words in love will reduce many missed and misunderstandings

For example, in the recent heavy fire on the moon, its obvious that heavy Xuezhi and Shangguan like each other transparently. Heavy Xuezhi is also clearly motivated first, or love more deeply, but misunderstood because of a misunderstanding that can be put on the table, or because of an early thing that can be explained.

So that we cant fix the relationship for a long time. It makes people feel sorry, or disappointed.

But in real life, there are many examples like them. They can get along well, love each other well and care about each other, but they are misunderstood because of some unnecessary things.

Clearly can explain clearly, or can be frank in advance. But there are always such concerns that are not said or explained, resulting in the two people missing, or misunderstanding deeper and deeper, the gap wider and wider, and even can not be together again.

However, watching one inch of lovesickness in youth Tour, just a few episodes ago, I was satisfied with the emotional line of the male and female protagonists, and felt more relieved and relieved.

Its not forced to fall in love at first sight, but to meet each other as a teenager. When we meet again, the common trick is to recognize one, the other has never known or recognized.

However, the plot is fast enough. Zuo Qingci, the male leader, quickly recognizes Su Yunluo, the female leader, and opens her protection, care and pursuit. Some people said, is this deep-rooted love coming a little too soon?

In fact, she was not happy at all, because Zuo Qingci soon told Su Yunluo the truth. She decided to survive because of her.

So she is very important in his mind. Even if they havent seen each other for many years, even if they didnt meet much, no one in his heart can replace her.

Its a source of strength, a spiritual support and a belief to live, so its natural for him to fall in love with her when he grows up.

And this love, he did not hide, at least Su Yunluo is soon know that he likes his own. But its not easy for Su Yunluo to recognize Zuoqings words, so if he doesnt say it, she wont know.

Its also gratifying to say something directly when you have an idea or a complaint. The listener didnt hide it. Although it was a big secret of life, he told her.

Without hesitation, he said that it was his sister and his identity was false. This is similar to some undercover agents, who cant tell their true identity to the people around them, nor can close people. However, Zuo Qingci didnt think so much, which shows how deeply he trusted her.

At the same time, we can see that he did not want her to misunderstand, to lose her, to hurt her heart, and not to have a bad impression on herself. In addition, none seems to matter.

Their way of falling in love is the right way. Since they want to fall in love and love each other, they must see clearly the character of each other, or select that person, so they will absolutely trust and be honest.

Full of vigilance, or think twice and think twice, will mostly affect the development of each others relationship.

Of course, if you just want to concentrate on your career and dont trust anyone, you dont want to impress the other party or get involved in emotional matters.

Once you express your love, once you start, you should be more responsible. This responsibility includes speaking frankly about your past, present and even future that need to be clear.

Or if there is a misunderstanding, explain it actively. The other party should also give the other party an opportunity to explain and choose to believe his explanation.

Such a clean and clean emotional trend is benign and makes people feel safe. At the same time, I think the love of these two people is true and valuable. I believe what you say, and I say what you want.

At least with such tacit understanding and cooperation, we can continue to love each other smoothly. Otherwise, if we are not happy, we will guess alone or misunderstand without explanation.

And the other side is proud and charming or thinks the explanation is very troublesome. If you dont believe me, you can only run in the opposite direction, which makes people anxious or disappointed.