In this way, the operation of the circle of friends, grounding and full value, the boy God saw the automatic catch-up

 In this way, the operation of the circle of friends, grounding and full value, the boy God saw the automatic catch-up

Yes, wechat business.

When it comes to this new career, many people may not have a good impression, but it cant be denied that their circle of friends is really attractive. When others use it to vent their emotions, they have quietly made money with it.

In fact, the logic of wechat business running friend circle is very similar to that of single women.

First, attract the targets attention, and then try to interact with each other, from comments to private chat, and then increase familiarity through face painting, and finally guide customers to place orders.

Its just like a single girl wants to attract the attention of a boy and finally reach a long-term relationship with him.

So how to manage a high-value circle of friends is neither unattainable nor vulgar and wordy. We need to dismantle the doorways one by one.


To fish in a pond, you have to have fish first.

A lot of girls are eager to have a look at the business circle when they hear about it, but they find that the effect is not good after they have done it. Why?

Because your circle of friends doesnt have so many goals.

Before running a circle of friends, we need to think about whether we have enough people to choose from?

If there are only one or two of them, its too difficult to attract them, considering the probability of being wiped out by others. So the right way to operate is to expand your circle of friends.

So how to expand the circle of friends?

We can implement two principles of going out:

a. Go out the door and look for the help of relatives and friends;

b. Go out of the heart gate and expand the circle of friends through hobbies.

Maybe many people think its very common for relatives and friends to introduce boys, but back in real life, most of us finally marry our classmates and friends. Sometimes marriage is a very common and down-to-earth thing.

So if we want to say goodbye to single, we need to be vulgar.

The specific operation is: release the single signal with relatives and friends, let them help introduce, so that we can first collect a group of developable objects in the friends pen.

So what should we do to walk out of the gate that seems a little mysterious?

Back to the beginning, we are now living in an Internet era, our social mode has completely changed, and the relatives and friends in the previous street may add up to 50 people. In addition, through the introduction of middlemen, we can only know one hundred boys.

But now, there are hundreds of people in the online community, including those who are charged and free. Generally speaking, the quality of charging is higher. After all, some people manage and some people operate, and the boys in the community are relatively high-quality, but its not too bad to join some free communities. After all, we are hiding behind the network, very safe.

If a girl is allowed to join a social meeting with 500 members of the opposite sex, she may be a little flustered.

But let her join a group?

In this way, the efficiency of recognizing boys is not only higher, timeliness is longer, but also safer. This can be said to be our social bonus from the Internet.

Once a boy told me that there is a saying among boys that buying a car is not for the car, but for joining a car club.

This real-life version of buy back the Pearl just confirms this statement, and also shows how important it is for single girls to enter a valuable circle.

But if they are in the same group, they may chat every day.

So how to join these communities?

First of all, there are many paid courses online. After we pay, we will enter a group.

There are so many group chats in our life, so how can we effectively screen out the useful communities for ourselves, and then let the target boys notice us?

1) Identify the fish and lead them to the pool.

There are two ways to expand social circle. Now lets talk about how to add target boys to our friends circle.

First of all, its introduced by relatives and friends. Generally, its acquaintances or half acquaintances. Due to the face of friends, of course, we should collect everything we need.

Many people in the circle of friends dont take up any resources, but also give us a new possibility.

So how can we channel the target boys into our circle of friends from the community?

First of all, we want to be an active user, and its better to win the position of administrator. Because only when we are active can we talk with people in the group, and boys who are interested in us can actively add friends.

Its the most natural way to be an administrator. Because of the administrators identity, its not intentional for us to take the initiative to add people.

Moreover, if the members of the group need to answer their doubts, they will also add wechat administrators. Even some strict groups need to be audited by administrators when entering the group. The traffic behind this can be comparable to a small mall.

Lets suppose that if you choose a boy in a shopping mall, are we afraid that we cant find a boy who meets the criteria for choosing a mate?

2) Everything is ready, only the bait.

When we have an objective number of suitable boys, dont hurry to talk with them, wait for us to fully armed ourselves, and then join the battle.

Some excellent boys, around the yingyingyanyan but countless, then how can we stand out?

As for the head portrait, its better to have a clear picture with the right distance (one inch). If you use cartoon or small animal as the head portrait, the other party may not be able to feel our charm at all times when chatting.


For the boyfriends circle of friends, you have to know yourself and your partner to win every battle.

When we chat with others, we will change our tone and content according to the change of the chat object.

For example, when we chat with our parents and leaders, we may be more formal and respectful. When we chat with friends, we will be more casual and warm, while when we chat with people we like, we will inevitably be more forward-looking and more restrained.

So we send out the circle of friends is the same truth: the circle of friends sent to boys must be in line with the appetite of boys.

What kind of content are boys interested in and able to participate in the discussion? Its not cosmetics, manicures and sisters afternoon tea.

We need to do a little homework if we want to make such a good circle of friends.

For example, which field of information do boys like to pay more attention to? Is it sports? Or financial finance? Or the political situation

So our circle of friends can be divided into three parts:

a. Sharing of daily life;

b. Content that attracts boys;

The proportion here can be 3:2:1. In the sharing part of daily life, we should pay attention not to be too tall, to give people the feeling of high and unattainable, and not to be too vulgar and nasty, which lowers our image.

If we want to sketch a three-dimensional image in the circle of friends, the image will not be perfect.

So the sharing of our daily life can be interspersed with delicious scenery, but occasionally it can also be a little embarrassing. Isnt such a real girl particularly cute?

As for the content of self display, we can attach beautiful self photos, and he can also take photos.

When it comes to photos, its feasible to beautify and repair pictures reasonably, but its not advisable to over beautify them.

Since the emergence of the filter, we have been stimulated by the huge difference between the network rush to show and ourselves. In the face of high paste and high P photos, we will automatically de filter, so too many filters and pictures repair, not only show that we are not confident in ourselves, but also inadvertently by others will not look ugly.

See here, some girls may say, that I am not good-looking face, not refined can not put on the circle of friends, then how to do?

In fact, each of us has a more beautiful angle, as long as we find a good angle to shoot, coupled with the hairstyle modification, it is easy to take beautiful photos.

If you really dont want to pat your face, its OK to pat some beautiful parts of your body, such as fingers, collarbones, etc., but youd better not hair your chest and legs, because there are strong sexual hints, which are easy to cause unnecessary trouble.

The circle of friends is really an important part on our way out of singles, and it is not easy to manage a good circle of friends.

Some girls may think its too much trouble. Cant I just be myself?

But in fact, all the good things in life need our efforts to operate. There is nothing in life that can be achieved in a real sense without effort.

When we are familiar with it, we will find that in the process of managing every step of life, we have already made managing life our own habit.

Lingzhi, the author, is keen to think about evolutionary psychology and gender relations, and we all walk together on the way to collect emotional dry goods, convinced that better feelings belong to better ourselves.