Evergrande announces that Zheng Zhicheng will become the first local coach 2 years later

 Evergrande announces that Zheng Zhicheng will become the first local coach 2 years later

As an outstanding player of Evergrande, Zheng Zhi has won 17 titles since he joined the team in 2010, including 8 Chinese Super champions, 2 Asian champions, 4 Super Cup champions and 2 FA Cup champions. He was elected Asian football player in 2013. In addition, Zheng Zhi, who has played 108 times and scored 15 goals on behalf of the national football team, is also the Chinese player who scored the most goals in the English professional league, and a well deserved evergreen tree in Chinese football. This proud football career has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for Zheng Zhis transformation to a professional coach.

In fact, before Zheng Zhi, Li Tie, Hao Wei and Fu Bo were all Chinese assistant coaches of Hengda team. Learn from Lippi, Scolari and other world famous coaches advanced technical and tactical concepts, and quickly grow into an outstanding local coach. This time, Zheng Zhi as assistant coach officially assisted Cannavaro, which is enough to see Evergrandes respect and appreciation for him.

Some professionals believe that Zheng Zhi is the only player in China who has played in the European top league. In the past 10 years, he has played under the leadership of the world champions such as Lippi and Scolari. This time, as a first-team assistant, he will further improve his coaching level. With coach Karzais coaching contract ending in November 2022, Zheng Zhi, who has been trained for three years, is expected to become the first local first-team coach of Hengda team and write a new legend in Chinese football.

Evergrande has been helping to improve the level of Chinese football since it entered football. On the one hand, through the development of youth training to establish a football school, to cultivate talents for Chinese football; on the other hand, through the domesticated players to enhance the competitiveness of the team. Today, we are also committed to providing a platform for excellent local coaches to further their studies and focusing on training Zheng Zhi as a first-team coach, all of which reflect the high sense of responsibility of Evergrande to help the development and revitalization of Chinese football in an all-round way.

Source: Netease sports Author: Cheng Jin Dynasty editor in charge: Liu Qi_ NS4812