People cant stand the cold

 People cant stand the cold

People are saved enough disappointment, will leave, I can be used to have your company, also can be used to the loneliness without you.

Feelings are relative. In this world, no one has the obligation to pay to anyone. No matter who you get along with, you respect me and I respect you. If you take me seriously, I will rest assured. Feelings are always in common. When you show your sincerity, I return it to you. Only when you cherish it, can you have it. Only when you understand each other, can you give it for a long time.

If a person, paid sincerely, exhausted the true feelings, still in exchange for is not care, we must put it down as early as possible. The best choice is to choose to leave and forget.

Love is never a persons thing, dont be stubborn, the right people will meet, dont lower yourself for who, you are worth all the good in the world!

If a heart, active for a long time, can not get feedback, this heart will be exhausted. Waiting for the heart, no response, a cavity of blood will become cold, from then on, the heart apart.

This passage is for everyone: when the tea is cold, it can be continued, and when the heart is cold, it means to leave completely; when the flowers are gone, they can open again in the next year; if people leave, they will not meet in this life.

Please be kind. No matter how busy or tired you are, dont get angry with the people who care about you, and dont leave the people who care about you in the cold. Because its not easy to meet someone who loves you and holds you in the palm of your hand. Its a blessing you have cultivated in your last life.

Please cherish every hard won feeling. Only with your heart can your heart get closer and closer. Only with your heart can you walk hand in hand. Only by mutual understanding can we keep company for a long time. Only by cherishing each other can our feelings last forever.

If you love someone, please treat them well, because no matter friends or lovers, if one doesnt cherish, the other will leave, if one doesnt pay attention, the other will be cold hearted. Left, this life difficult to meet again, lost, this life no longer have!



Xu Ji, host of the top 10 programs in Anhui Province, host of the top 10 announcers of four in one batch in Fuyang City, and winner of the first prize of Anhui broadcast host Award