Poetry uses a blooming time to meet

 Poetry uses a blooming time to meet

The peony is blooming, and you can enjoy it at first sight

The peony demon in front of the court is not qualified,

The lotus on the pool is pure and has little affection.

Only peony is the real national color,

Flower season moves the capital.

The peony in front of the court is enchanting and gorgeous, but it lacks bone lattice. The lotus in the pool is elegant and clean, but it lacks charm. Only peony is the real beauty of the country. When it comes to the flowering season, it attracts countless people to appreciate it, which makes the whole capital shocked.

There are three kinds of famous flowers in these four short sentences, which contain the rich aesthetic thoughts of the poet. The poet did not forget the praise for the beautiful side of peony and lotus, but also highlighted the beauty of peony, which is interesting.

Golden chrysanthemum blossoms, leading the way

No, no, no

Tang Huangchao

Until September 8 in autumn,

I kill all flowers when they bloom.

The fragrance of heaven penetrates Changan,

The city is full of golden armor.

When the Double Ninth Festival comes in September, chrysanthemums will bloom and other flowers will wither. The fragrance of Chrysanthemum in full bloom permeates the whole Changan, and the ground is full of golden chrysanthemum like armor.

Peach blossom in Dalin Temple

Bai Juyi of Tang Dynasty

April is the end of the world,

Peach blossoms begin to bloom in the temple.

There is no place to look for,

I dont know how to get into this.

April is the time when all flowers on the flat land have withered away, and the peach blossom in the ancient temple in the mountain is just in full bloom. I often feel sorry for the lost spring, but I dont know that it has come here.

In this poem, peach blossom is used instead of the abstract spring light to write the spring light concretely and vividly, and it is personified to write the spring light as if it really has feet, which can be turned around and hidden.

Xinyi flowers bloom, lonely heart


Wang Wei of Tang Dynasty

Hibiscus flowers at the end of wood, red calyx in the mountain.

There was no one in the stream. They opened and fell one after another.

The magnolia flower at the top of the branch is blooming in the mountain with bright red calyx, red and white, very gorgeous. The mouth of the stream is silent and uninhabited. With the passage of time, the petals are in full bloom and falling.

A short four sentence poem not only describes the beautiful image of Xinyi flower, but also writes a lonely situation and environment. This poem is written from blooming flowers to falling flowers, and inserted with a description of environment. The situation before and after is very different, from hair to falling.

The lotus is blooming, and the beauty smiles



Five inch lotus leaves,

Sticking to waves does not prevent the boat from rolling;

In April and may,

It can also hide the waist of beauty.

The five inch lotus leaves hold the delicate lotus flowers, which are closely attached to the water, but this does not hinder the rippling of the color boat. Know that the summer breeze between April and may is slight, the height of these lotus leaves and flowers can still cover the waist of the beauty. Every flower is worth waiting for. Although not every flower can be famous, it has its own elegant fragrance.

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