Bad child Zhu Chaoyang, belongs to his fairy tale and darkness!

 Bad child Zhu Chaoyang, belongs to his fairy tale and darkness!

When watching the secret corner, I often associate this drama with the Korean drama others are hell. In a sense, both of these dramas describe the birth of a normal persons dark personality under the influence of social environment.

Its like in other people is hell, Xu Wenzu, a bloodthirsty dentist, influenced Yin zongyou, a young boy in the countryside, and cultivated him into another Xu Wenzu. In the secret corner, Zhang Dongsheng influenced Zhu Chaoyang, and finally turned Zhu Chaoyang into another Zhang Dongsheng.

His parents didnt care about him, his classmates ignored his bullying, Wang Yao and Zhu Jingjing were angry with him. All these resentments had been piling up in his heart. In order to disguise the emergence of his inner evil, Zhu Chaoyang used learning to paralyze himself. In addition to learning, Zhu Chaoyang was useless.

The father only loves his sister Zhu Jingjing, and the mother only needs him to get the first place in the exam all the time. As for what he likes, doesnt like, whether he has friends or not, lack of love... These are not the focus of parents attention. As long as his achievements can make his mother become the capital to show off and be proud to his father, it is the good child in his mothers mouth. Parents selfishness is the root of Zhu Chaoyangs dark side.

Yan Liang seems to be the most slovenly, young, wandering around, doing a lot of sneaking things for his life. But among the three children, Yan Liang attaches the most importance to love and righteousness, which is also related to his fathers influence on him. Because of his love, his father went to prison for his friend, and then became a psychopath. Because of his love, Yan Liang even put his life in.

Pu Pu has maturity of different ages, and there are evil seeds in her heart. Its Yan Liangs warmth to her, which makes her not have a chance to go to the dark step by step. But she knew so much that Zhu had to get rid of PU.

After the video evidence has been destroyed, Zhu Chaoyangs diary has become the truth restoration of the whole case, but what is the authenticity of the diary? Like the story of Descartes, Zhu Chaoyangs favorite mathematician, why did Descartes die in the end? Is it under the princesss true love? Or died of the princess betraying him? This may only be solved by Descartes himself, and which one do you choose to believe? Fairy tale or betrayal? In the real world, we may prefer to believe in fairy tales, but the truth is often betrayal.

Zhu Chaoyangs diary is no exception. There is no fairy tale in his diary. He puts himself out of the event and records this encounter in the tone of bystander, proving that he is innocent and implicated. He calculated everything, thought carefully, let himself slide to Zhang Dongsheng at the same time, not to be found.

In the negotiation with them, Zhang Dongsheng once asked: do you have anything that you are particularly afraid of losing? Sometimes for these things, we will do things we are not willing to do. Zhu Jingjings death may be his first counterattack, because of his father, but later in order to live again and again choose to betray, proving that his evil has devoured his good.

My fathers recording pen may be the last straw to crush him. I thought that after Zhu Jingjing died, he would replace her and get his fathers love forever. I didnt expect that my father would just come to talk about it. I didnt really mean it to him.

The summer vacation will end eventually, and the case will end eventually. This secret play is not to let us see Zhang Dongsheng kill because he has no choice but to let us see the birth of a devil.

Zhu Chaoyang is not a special case, his survival soil is doomed to escape into the dark. He didnt want to be loved by his normal parents; he didnt want to have a normal relationship with his friends; he didnt want to have a normal social status; it was the emergence of Yan Liang, Pu Pu and Zhang Dongsheng that made his fate turn ahead of time. His excellent performance didnt hinder his inner darkness. It was because of his excellent performance that he would have a chance to live to the end and become the ultimate boss.

Its enough for us to reflect: children are simple enough, but dont let them be in the environment of lack of security and full of hate. You never expect that children will not break means for their own desires, and in order to achieve their own goals, they may be more cruel than adults, because they never consider discretion.

A good play needs the support of a good actor, playing Zhu Chaoyangs Rong Zishan, developing well, and the future is limitless!