If he loves you or not, just look at these four details

 If he loves you or not, just look at these four details

When I came home at night, I thought of what my friend said to me, which made me feel that I could find out whether my boyfriend loved her or not in the process of eating, which was indeed in the process of intercourse between men and women;


When did you find out your boyfriend didnt love you?

One of Gao Zans answers is this: for more than one year together, every date is to eat roadside stall, only the festival will take me to eat a cheap hot pot. On the way home together the day before yesterday, I wanted to eat Haagen Dazs very much. I played coquettish with him, but he bought me a one dollar ice cream.

Although its fun to fall in love with someone you like and eat a roadside stall, if he thinks its expensive to spend a penny on you, he certainly doesnt love you enough.

A man can spend a lot of money in the game, but when he eats with you, he only chooses the cheap ones. When he buys gifts, he only chooses the cheap ones. That only shows that in his heart, you are only worth the cheap things.

Some people may say that its too rash to judge a persons sincerity. But have you ever thought that the most important thing to do in love is to eat together? If he doesnt want to buy you what you want, what qualification does he have to say that he loves you?


Do you really care

Think of a few days ago, Linlin in the circle of friends made a dynamic: together for three years, we are going to get married.

I asked her: its really decided.

Linlin said: because Ive seen him take me to heart, I know that no one will do this to me in the future.

After that, Linlin told me a little thing.

Once, she took a bath in the bathroom. When she came out to change her slippers, she didnt stand firm. She fell to the ground and broke her knee.

At that time, my boyfriend was playing games in the room. Hearing Linlins voice, he rushed over and asked anxiously, whats wrong with you, baby? Does it hurt? He gently lifted Linlin up, her eyes full of heartache.

Since then, every time Linlin comes out of the shower, she will see her boyfriends slippers placed outside the door, and the direction of the slippers is that they can be put on directly.

Another time, Linlin and her boyfriend went to the cinema. Because Linlin is easy to have nightmares, her boyfriend covered Linlins eyes for the first time when she saw the bloody picture.

There is a saying that in the face of problems, the first protection is natural response.

It takes a lot of courage to decide to marry someone, but her courage makes her stronger in these small things.

He loves you with the way he looks. Its really cool. Maybe hes not good enough. Maybe he hasnt made it to the top, but hes trying to be nice to you, so the rest of his life must be sweet.


Does he know what you like

In the Korean drama for the first time in this life, haolang and Yuanxi meet in a restaurant after they break up. They take their new lovers with them. Boys who like haolang want to add sesame to haolangs bowl. Yuanxi immediately stops him and says: she doesnt like sesame.

In fact, in that moment, I am sure Yuanxi still loves haolang, because only when you love someone, you will always remember her preferences.

Just like my father, when I go out to eat, I always pack one or two of her favorite dishes for my mother, and sometimes I will send them back to dinner. In my fathers words, I will naturally take out my wallet when I see what your mother likes to eat, because I like to see her happy expression when she eats.

So you see, maybe its the way to love someone. If you eat anything delicious, you want to take it back and let him taste it. Ill always be on the way to what you want, and Ill always remember what you hate.


Did you plan for his future

I think this is also the most important point, because a man who really loves you will definitely consider your future.

When do I buy a house? When do I buy a car? When to get married? When do you have a baby?

These are some very realistic problems. Maybe you didnt specify a specific time, but as long as he can plan all these into your love, it means that he is really interested in you and loves you.

Because when I was with my cousin of the same age, I totally witnessed her two love experiences.

Why did they break up two years after graduation?

I remember that when my cousin told me that she was asking the boys these questions, the boys always found some excuses to avoid, said that they did not want to talk about the headache, said that they were too tired, and always avoided these topics.

After a long time, her cousin was disappointed. She could not see the future and feel the love of the boy. So she chose to break up with the boy.

Two years after breaking up, my cousin met my brother-in-law.

Although the brother-in-law was also a man without a car or a house at that time, the brother-in-law planned these things into the future of him and his cousin. When did he plan to buy a house, a car or get married?

Although my cousin and brother-in-law had some difficulties in the early days, they still supported each other.

Now they have bought a house and a car in the capital city. Although they are under the pressure of housing loan, they still feel very happy.

Because my cousin thought: this man may not have made any vows to you, but everything he has done is for your future. He will work hard to give you a better life.

So, when a man achieves the above four points, he should love you very much. In the face of such a man, dont let go.

Love is mutual. When he loves you deeply and works hard for your future, as a loved woman, I hope you can also love him deeply, care for him, take care of him, work hard for the future together with him, and dont easily ignore the mans heart for you.

Finally, I also want to say that if a man loves you very much, you can definitely feel it.

If you need to think or even doubt whether he loves you or not, then maybe it is not.