Suffering from cancer, divorce and Sanwas mother, Liu Qing says she is more like a Phoenix who has been put together all the way

 Suffering from cancer, divorce and Sanwas mother, Liu Qing says she is more like a Phoenix who has been put together all the way

Kaiyun group is the third largest luxury group in the world after LVMH and Li Feng. It owns luxury brands such as Gucci, YSL, Balencia, Puma and Alexander McQueen.

Kaiyun group has always been a flexible business.

In 2009, Christies auction house auctioned the rat head and rabbit head in the lost cultural relics of the Old Summer Palace, which caused a great stir.

In 2008, after the death of Yves Saint Laurent, the bronze statue was auctioned as a heritage.

Knowing that the Chinese people are eager for cultural relics to return, the seller offered a high price which is not consistent with the artistic value.

Despite the appeals and protests organized by China, the French court ruled that the auction was valid.

After that, the Pinot family of Kaiyun group bought two animal heads at a price of 14 million euros per animal.

In 2013, Kaiyun group announced to donate two animal heads to China free of charge.

Yuyan said that it was quite interesting.

First, the bestseller, Saint Laurent, is a brand designer of Kaiyun group;

Second, the Pinot family of Kaiyun group is also a major shareholder of Christies.

Kaiyun group is responsible for this human relationship, which is just right.

Whats more, Christies has just set up a wholly-owned company in Shanghai, and these two gifts are also donated at the right time.

This time, Kaiyun group found Liu Qing as a director again. This is to keep up with the pace of the Chinese market.

Generally speaking, directors are divided into two types: equity directors and natural person directors.

The equity director himself is a major shareholder, representing the will and interests of shareholders;

Natural person directors are industry celebrities nominated by shareholders who can help enterprises.

Like Liuqing.

Natural person directors should be paid.

As for how much Kaiyun group pays Liuqing, whether it is fixed or floating, we dont know.

Kaiyun group found Liu Qing with background and ability to be a director, which is also very good.

I think Im a phoenix

Liu Qing has a famous family background, which isu2014u2014

Her father is Liu Chuanzhi, founder of Lenovo Group.

In fact, its not just Liu Chuanzhi, the Liu family is the real three generations of Gao Zhi family.

Liu Gushu, Liu Qings grandfather, is the earliest intellectual property lawyer in China, with the lawyers Certificate No. 002.

In 1984, Liu Gushu, 63, founded the Hong Kong China patent agency, acting in trademark disputes such as Vitasoy and Jinlilai.

Yu Yanjie said that when real estate started as v.s. technology, the two families were not the same.

Liu Qing is one of the outstanding figures in the second generation of Chuang.

u25b2 the family rule of Liu family is that the children are not allowed to enter the association. As a result, Liu Chuanzhi would rather give the association to Yang Yuanqing, an outsider, than to Liu Qing, who is generally considered to be more talented

In 1984, Liu Chuanzhi, 40, resigned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and founded Lenovo Group with 200000 yuan. At that time, his son Liu Lin was 14 and his daughter Liu Qing was 6.

At that time, China was just in its infancy, and the two childrens youth did not enjoy too much resources and aura of the rich second generation.

When Liu Lin got married, Liu Chuanzhi joked at the wedding:

If you have to move cabbage or coal in the future, just ask him to do it. He followed me for many years.

Later, Liu Lin was admitted to the Department of computer science of Peking University. Liu Qing was admitted to Beijing University Computer Department awesome.

After graduating from University, Liu Lin entered Columbia University and Liu Qing entered Harvard.

Liu joined Goldman Sachs in 2002 after graduating from Harvard with a masters degree.

Many people think its easy for a well-known second generation to enter the investment bank. In fact, the investment bank has been exposed with a childrens project suspected of bribery to provide jobs for some powerful children.

For example, Clintons son-in-law, Ma Ying Jeous son-in-law, and the son of Mongolias prime minister all participated in investment banking.

However, unlike some second-generation employees, Liu Qing worked at Goldman Sachs from the bottom to the president for 12 years.

Like all novices, Liu Qings first year at Goldman Sachs was an analyst at the bottom of the food chain.

You may have heard about the tiring work of investment banking analysts.

I have to work 16 hours a day, not to mention family time. I cant even take a bath.

The analysts main job is to make information books. Once they are sorted out, they are 600 or 700 pages of data. The mathematics used is very simple, but they cant make mistakes. A decimal point is the error of millions of dollars.

6 p.m. is the normal time for others to leave work, but in the investment bank, the working time of the day is less than half.

In the late 1990s, Zeng Zimo worked as an analyst in Momo, New York. She said she was helped to work by her colleagues after three days of continuous work.

Two years later, Phoenix TV provided an opportunity for Zeng Zimo to leave immediately.

Liu Qings work is just as hard. She is so young and haggard that she looks 10 years older than her actual age.

At that time, Liuqing worked 100 hours a week, and the busiest time reached 120 hours, with an average of 17 hours a day. The remaining time was not enough for eating and sleeping.

The couple waited for an hour at the door. Liu Qing, who was making a book, couldnt get down.

The family didnt see each other until Liu Qing finished his shift at 7 oclock the next morning.

At that time, my mother didnt understand why she couldnt come down for a while, said Liu Qing. In fact, my mother wanted me to have a stable job.

Not only is it inhumane to shift working hours, like every young person who is just starting to work, Liu Qing also faces social and cultural barriers.

At first, Liu Qingming did a lot of work as a bottom worker, but he always sat at the back of the meeting.

Later, her Western boss saidu2014u2014

I dont know what China is like, but the underlying rule in the west is that you cant just sit there and wait after you finish your work, hoping to have a wise leader who is far sighted and knows people well and is responsible for them. He finds that you can sit in the corner painstakingly and then promote you. There will be no such thing.

The boss said:

If you are not confident and dare not express yourself, you may not be good enough.

Six years later, Liu Qing was promoted to executive director of Goldman Sachs, and four years later, Liu Qing was promoted to general manager of Asia Pacific with an annual salary of 4 million US dollars.

At that time, Liu Qing was 33 years old.

To achieve this position is by no means a matter of fighting for father.

Investment banks never lack young people of great family.

Qian Jin, chairman of Continental Airlines, Qian Jin, founder of KKR private equity fund, successor of the largest transportation company in the United States, son of the boss of the largest commercial bank in Indonesia They have been interns in investment banks. Like ordinary employees, they work hard.

And Liu Qing can stand out from the others by more than her family background.

Later, Liu Qing said in an interview:

I think Im quite a Phoenix. Ive suffered a lot since I was a child. Its just like this. Its not easy to sit in my dream position.

This sentence should also not be watered.

I have realized three processes at Goldman Sachs: understanding myself, accepting myself and realizing myself, Liu said

Later, Liu Qing left the high-ranking Goldman Sachs and, against the misunderstanding of his colleagues and family, chose to start a business with Cheng Wei, who was younger than himself and whose education and experience were not as good as his own.

At that time, Liuqings business trip from first-class class to economy class, accommodation from four seasons hotel to Hanting chain, even the bags of luxury brands were also collected by her in an effort to keep a low profile.

Her family and friends did not understand her choice, especially Liu Qings mother, who felt that the living conditions at home were good enough and did not want her daughter to struggle again.

But Liu Qing insists that Cheng Weis pattern, mind, vision and ability are superior among young entrepreneurs.

As a result, Liu Qing once again proved his courage and vision.

Cancer, divorce, join taxi company

As a female entrepreneur of Sanwas mother, Yuyan understands the meaning of this sentence too much.

There is no balance between business and family.

u25b2 in 2014, Liu Qing joined didi as coo, and in 2015, Liu Qing became Didis president

As like as two peas, Yoshida Honamiya, a Japanese doctor, wrote the same question before.

With children, whether its work or parenting, its only half done. Jitian suibo said.

When colleagues are working overtime, you run to see the children. When the children need a mother, you have to work hard. You are full of guilt on both sides.

In addition, after all, shopping malls are still a male dominated world, not very understanding and friendly to the needs of women.

Liu Qing has three children. The eldest one is one year different from the second one and the third one. The last two are twins.

Insisting on breast milk, she always takes a pump and ice when she is on a business trip. She pumps in the bathroom for a short distance and on the plane for a long distance.

A lot of things that I was embarrassed to talk about when I was a girl in the past were totally ignored.

On a business trip, Liu Qing said to his male colleagues, I need to do an action, cover the blanket and pump milk.

The young boy blurted out, why dont you go to the toilet to pump?

In fact, the male colleague was a completely harmless and natural response, but Liu Qing was instantly aggrieved + embarrassed + ashamed, mixed feelings, and tears flowed uncontrollably.

As a result, the boy was scared and said, you pump here, you pump here.. I can hide from the toilet.

Liu Qing later recalled it with a smile. She said that after giving birth to a child, her personality has been extended and opened. It turns out that you feel very embarrassed. Later, you will have more sense of humor and a more perspective on understanding human nature.

Liu Qing said that the slogan of women in the workplace is better, you. External acceptance and internal loyalty

In 2015, Liu Qing sent an internal letter to the company, revealing that she has completed breast cancer surgery and is currently working at home in good health.

This sudden and light letter frightened everyone.

No one knows when Liu Qing got cancer, and when he did the operation quietly.

After two months of treatment and a month of rest, Liu Qing returned to Didis work.

u25b2 Liu qingla invested US $1 billion in cook and acquired Uber China

In fact, of course, things are not as understated as Liu Qing said in his letter. In the face of major diseases, ordinary people will inevitably panic, even Liu Qing, who does not worry about wealth.

Three years later, Liu Qing commented on the story of Clark, the actress of Long Ma, suffering from brain tumor twice on her microblog. She said:

This reminds me of the time when I suddenly found out about cancer three and a half years ago. At that time, I felt like a plane, just about to take off, it suddenly fell, and I felt everything.

Last year, Liu Qing once again revealed in the circle of friends that she had been divorced for two years, and now she is a single mother, which once again surprised the outside world.

Liu Qings ex husbands identity has not been exposed. Up to now, we dont know who he is.

However, according to Liu Qing, after the divorce, the relationship between the two is still very good. They are still friends, family and parents.

After making the decision, the two discussed and told the children about it.

Before that, the two people had been together for a long time, but the children did not show any particular rejection.

There are childrens paintings in Liuqings Office

Today, Liu Qings three children are 11, 10 and 10 years old.

Liu Qing will teach them to read poor dad, rich dad and give each child a drawer to save money and an account book to keep accounts.

As a result, the children become super stingy. They are reluctant to buy cheap clothes in gap. They are eager to buy clothes with a 10% discount.

u25b2 Liu Qing is keen on sports after his illness

In the eyes of outsiders, Lius daughter has been very outstanding, but Liu Chuanzhi still has some micro words.

He thinks its better for young people not to rush to investment banks as soon as they graduate, but to rush to investment and securities from investment banks, which are not solid enough.

Its better to get up and down in the enterprise, refine experience, and then make investment, so as to see things more clearly.

Liu Chuanzhis words are very agreed with sister Yan.

Facts have proved that capital and management should be played by real ability, and those who do not have enough awe of the market will lose miserably.

Without real experience, those who come up and make direct investment, such as president Wang, such as milk tea girl, will become the spending shelf of giving money to people no matter how rich your fund is and how powerful your background is.

At present, Liu Qing has been selected as a director of Kaiyun group, and she laughs that she is going to steal her teacher.

When a reporter asked her how to define a successful life, Liu Qing responded very wellu2014u2014

I think a successful life is that after you have experienced countless things, when you reach the end, your sensory system opens more than others.

In the end, you are a more sensitive person than others in all aspects of perception. On the one hand, you are compassionate, on the other hand, you are insensitive. You know to make the right and difficult choice.

When it comes to Liu Qing, there must be someone sour about her second generation identity. Behind her, there are a group of big guys supporting her.

Yuyan said that Liu Qing and Wang Xing, the rich second generation, are very powerful.

The university is admitted to the highest institution of higher learning. It does not choose to be lazy in major selection. It studies hard to nibble engineering, and then it crawls in the shopping mall.

Is worthy of the name than you have money, than you have talent, also than you work hard.

The fact is that for women of different classes, as long as you want to make some achievements, you will face their own difficulties and struggles, as well as the inevitable pressure of parenting.

The so-called success is that we strive to expand the width of our lives on our own basis.

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