Fanxiong rescuer: coquettish! These elder sisters are back to make waves!

 Fanxiong rescuer: coquettish! These elder sisters are back to make waves!

In the days when the world was shrouded in gloom, it was like a direct sunlight to the bottom of my heart.

In fact, the mode of this program is not complicated. In each episode, the resident program FAB5 will transform a guest who has problems in some aspects of life from the aspects of clothing, appearance, cooking, home furnishing and psychology. All the five are queer - this is also the origin of the title and the highlight of the program.

I didnt expect to like it so much.

Because the essence of the whole process, no matter how romantic and amazing the changes before and after, or how willing the transformation object is, is still displaying and imposing various rules and regulations

You have to cut yourself according to mainstream expectations to be better.

But saving the soldiers will not give the audience such a feeling at all. Why is that?

What kind of transformation plot do we need

Whether its the girl who turns the ugly duckling into the white swan in Disney cartoon, or the love films like my girlhood and the golden chance in recent years, transformation and cross dressing are all the romantic passages that are tried and tested.

The characters are refreshed in an instant to realize their love and dreams. The audience is also easy to fall into the expectation and happiness of self substitution.

Cross dressing in my girlhood

Almost all the changes of characters are focused on appearance and clothes, which roughly equates progress with beauty. Even the beauty is defined as mainstream, stereotyped and consumerism.

In other words, this kind of change is nothing more than imposing the discipline from the mainstream aesthetic and values on the characters, and adding a layer of romantic icing to the often helpless obedience in reality.

At the same time, most of these Regulations are aimed at womens roles, of course, because the environment is more demanding on womens physical requirements, and these works, in turn, reinforce this injustice.

Nowadays, the audience has gradually been unable to accept that the female role in the contemporary works is only a vase that has been gazed at and materialized, and how much she is expected to have the progressive color of self realization, but these coexisting transformation bridges will make the works self contradictory.

For example, the most distinctive feature of the heroine Zhu Ruiqiu in the novel is the bravery, independence and pride of self realization given by her mother and living environment. This is in sharp contrast to other pampered daughters in the movie.

In that case, why let her impress others with expensive dresses that dont belong to her and delicate makeup that she cant afford everyday?

The cross dressing fragments in the golden picking

However, there are no such problems in the transformation in saving the soldiers by fanxiong.

The factors considered by the group of five never include what the so-called mainstream aesthetic looks like and how the outside world will comment. They will carefully study the body and inner characteristics of the protagonist, and through clothing and appearance, let the protagonist and people around them to see, accept and appreciate them.

At the same time, the programs provided by the group of five can be maintained for a long time in the daily life rhythm, consumption level and time and energy of the protagonist, so as to avoid the program becoming a showu2014u2014

The result of the transformation does not really belong to them. It is just a brief experience in front of the TV lens. After the program ends, it will return to the chaos it used to be.

Tan France, a clothing expert in the group of five

Some of the changes that surprised me most also highlighted the above characteristics.

In the third season, there was an aunt who lived on the farm and played with the boys. She likes to hunt with her husband and has a wardrobe of camouflage clothes. She wanted to be more feminine, but the group of five saw that part of that expectation was not her intention.

Therefore, they help her to find a more refined, but still strong, bold new shape, and guide her to be proud of her unique temperament.

During the special season in Japan, there is a nurse grandmother who runs a hospice care home. Even though she contributes all her love and energy, even her sleeping room, to the patients, she is still regarded as giving up being a woman because she has no time to care about her appearance.

So, in the transformation of her, whether its the choice of clothes, hair style and food, or the conversation between them, the core is to let her feel that she is appreciated, cared for and loved.

Another black brother, who was shot with a gun at the age of 23, was paralyzed. He had many difficulties because he needed to move in a wheelchair: he could not use the washing machine in the basement at home, could not reach the goods on the upper shelf in the supermarket, or even could not wear a coat because he would be stained by the wheel

This transformation seems to say: physical regret should not be an obstacle to appreciate their own beauty.

Youve done enough, good enough

The object of Empowering is, of course, the protagonist of the first period. Empowering behavior starts from the name of them: they are hero who dare to accept help and step out of the comfort zone.

In addition, when interacting with the protagonist, the group of five never takes a high position, but always looks for, magnifies and praises their flash points:

You are not lazy, just dont know how to start, just lack of chance to change; you have paid a lot for your family and children; you are kind, generous and warm-hearted, and people around you are very grateful for you; you are doing very important work for the community; its great that you have everything today from a systematic and unfair environment

Under this premise, all the beautiful and distinct characteristics of the protagonist, which are contrary to the mainstream, will not be polished off, but become more shiny after transformation.

On the other hand, the five member group itself is empowered as a representative of the LGBTQ group in this process. You can hardly imagine what kind of bullying and dilemma they have experienced because of their own identity when you watch their emotional and tender state in the program.

For example, beauty expert Jonathan Van Ness is one of the most cool kids in the gender spectrum.

He confessed his sexual orientation to the people around him very early. As a result, he has been bullied and even abused since high school, and this kind of torture has followed him into college life.

Due to a lack of education and guidance, he chose to alleviate his suffering through sex and drug abuse until he lost his scholarship and dropped out of college.

In the future, although he has overcome these problems with help and perseverance, he is still plagued by many injuries left behind, including that in 2012, after a sudden fainting at work, he tested positive for HIV. After participating in saving the soldiers by fanxiong and increasing his popularity, he devoted a lot of time and energy to public welfare activities in this field.

For example, Bobby Berk, who is in charge of interior design and is called foreman Bao by the domestic audience, was adopted when he was young and grew up in a conservative local community in the United States. When he was 15 years old, he was driven out of the house with people around him.

In the next few years, he worked for a living in different shopping malls and restaurants, almost without a fixed residence; after coming to New York, although he didnt even have a high school degree, he still relied on a little effort and study to become an interior designer.

Growing up in conservative Texas and Florida, he studied in an African American University and worked as a social worker for more than ten years. He met too many people like himself, who were squeezed by structural inequality based on skin color and sexual orientation. Therefore, when communicating with the protagonists who are facing different problems, he has a keen insight into the crux of the problem, and because of this, his solutions are often highly targeted.

The program chooses them as the reformers, not based on the stereotype of gay mens fashion taste is good, but hopes that they can better empathize with the protagonists of each issue through their own experience of struggling in discipline as a sexual minority, to see whether the superficial blame yourself, laziness and no progress are just because they never There are opportunities to move up and forward in an environment of structural injustice.

It is on this premise that all the changes made by the five member group will be meaningful, and this program will make us feel fresh.

In reality, discipline encourages people to ignore all kinds of structural problems: if you fail in the exam and leave school halfway, you must not work hard enough, rather than the education system fails to accept and respect your characteristics well; if you are exhausted by work and confused in life, you must not be focused and efficient, rather than the work system and overtime culture; if you are not in shape and appearance If you are ideal, you should actively change yourself, rather than require aesthetic culture to become more diversified and inclusive; you should not be obsessed with the surrounding environment to accept your coming out or not marrying, but should polish the extraordinary part of yourself

Hearing its your fault over and over again, but theres nothing we can do. How can we not let us berate and resent ourselves, and take shame and apology as the basis for evaluating ourselves?

In saving the soldiers, when matching clothes, taking a car, cooking, taking care of appearances and renovating houses, the five member group always teaches the protagonist to break and fight back this discipline

Youve done enough, and good enough.

Therefore, each heros surprise is not only because of his new appearance and living room, but also because he finally found that he could not blame himself for the environmental problems. Therefore, when you hear the group of five frequently advise people to love himself, you will not regard it as some beautiful but pale and useless chicken soup.

Your pain and struggle are meaningful

Its hard for me to believe that a variety show can touch so many profound and warm themes so frequently.

For example, the little black brother in the wheelchair mentioned earlier. He told us frankly that he was hurt because he left school early and mixed with street gangs.

If you write such a story on Weibo, you may not get any sympathy. Instead, it is a harsh response such as blame yourself and who let you not choose to advance.

But the program shows the audience that many public resources, including education, are extremely unequal in the distribution of African American community, which makes the children growing up there do not have many upward choices. After the injury, he not only wasnt knocked down by the bad luck, but also completely changed his life style and set up a non-profit organization to help people with similar experiences.

When such a persons experience and feelings are presented to you in such a personalized way, you are unlikely to continue to adhere to those indifferent and inconsistent jungle law values.

Wheelchair brother tells us that the experience of injury has become a positive turning point in his life

As a program with multiple and equal gender concepts as its core, gender is naturally an inseparable theme.

In the latest season 5, one of my most impressive characters is a Korean doctor mother in Episode 9.

When the group of five came to her home, she just finished her internship and became a practicing pediatrician with a three-year-old daughter. She is lucky enough to have a husband who loves herself and is progressive in ideas. She takes the initiative to take care of her children in the first three years, so that she can finish her degree. But guilt also haunts her. At the same time, she has typical and strict Asian parents, which makes her lack of confidence.

Even by the mainstream strict standards, her appearance and body are almost impeccable, but she still feels too fat to show her legs. When she first dated her husband, she couldnt even believe that he liked her.

The transformation of the five member group from clothes, makeup and hair not only helps her find a suitable professional dress, but also helps her build up self-confidence in her body: the proportion, shape and even scars on your arms are worth appreciating and displaying. When this kind of appreciation really serves itself, it will not be influenced by the external views and comments.

The five people group also recognized that some of her anxiety related to her family and daughter came from her desire to accompany her daughter more, and the other part came from her failure to take on the so-called traditional family role like her parents and do a good job in the internal affairs of caring for her family and children, so she felt uneasy.

Therefore, they let her understand that non-traditional gender roles are not accepted by the environment, not by her; womens self realization in the workplace should be something they are proud of, and the company of their daughter can be carried out without conflict.

Such care can even break through cultural barriers.

Let me shed the most tears of an episode, was transformed is a Japanese gay boy.

Therefore, the group of five not only helps him to understand how to accept himself better in an environment that is not tolerant enough, but also encourages him to take the initiative to voice, act and bring change to his group, because this is not only to help others who are facing the same difficulties, but also to bring more satisfaction and peace of mind to himself, so that he can understand that the struggle and pain he has suffered will eventually come true It makes sense.

Write at the end

At first glance, it seems that saving the soldiers is to let five gay men show their profession and become stars of saving others everywhere, but this is not the most important part of this variety show.

Many comments have pointed out the positive significance of saving the soldiers by fanxiong in terms of gender concept

The core of the program is that the ups and downs of five of them because of gender discipline are meaningful, valuable and should be listened to, and can be used to help and inspire victims of other structural problems.

Gender issue has become such a connection point of many empathy and care.

For me, gender issues are often a very useful touchstone in identifying a partner. If a person can understand and listen to the situation of women and sexual minorities, he will often pay attention to the unfairness of the weak in other dimensions, which is likely to be a good person who has full empathy ability and puts individual care first when thinking about all problems.

For more and more audiences, I also hope that this program can become an entrance for us to start thinking about many things behind the warmth and healing of the screen, which are more serious and heavier.

P. S. the opinion of this article only represents the personal opinion of the special author, and some pictures are from the network.