Easy voice version: miserable! The man is poor and ugly, and is asked to marry a woodcarving

 Easy voice version: miserable! The man is poor and ugly, and is asked to marry a woodcarving

What was the boldest thing you ever did as a child? Come on, leave a message~

When I was a kid, I did the most daring thing, about 98 or 99 years ago. I was crazy about electronic pets, but the price of more than 400 authentic products was not affordable at home. Fortunately, there was a copycat version later. I spent 15 yuan huge sum to buy one at the local stall without my parents knowledge. It looks like a chicken and can only feed for 15 days. Then I secretly pinned it in the sleeve of my clothes. When I was free, I would have a look and play, including in the classroom. Moreover, it was never found by the parents of the teachers, and I also successfully raised it n times for 15 days. Later, I learned that the teacher could see what I was secretly aiming at in the sleeve when I bowed down from the platform, and because of my carelessness, I forgot to take it down and throw it directly to my parents for washing several times. In fact, they had known that I was playing this thing for a long time, but they only left my last self-esteem, didnt break it, just slightly mention it. Fortunately, in the last few years of school, I didnt lose my mind. Now although we can play with electronic pets, we cant find the fun of childhood.

Wechat netizens new wind blowing:

Hello, host. After three years of college, the time passed quickly. It was graduation season again. I wanted to order a song long time no see for my 132 classmates.

@@VIDEO= https://mobilepics.ws.126.net/RbwaZepcEaG6%3D5sLYPyT5xDOX66sPXvj%3D%3DH8387B6D.mp3 , https://mobilepics.ws.126.net/RbwaZepcEaG6%3D5sLYPyT5xDOX66sPXvj%3D%3DH8387B6D.mp3 IMG= https://cms-bucket.ws.126.net/2020/0619/8a341c8bj00qc5nh20014c000g0006kc.jpg ALT = long time no see broadcast = in size [email protected]@

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Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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