Kay Goss criticizes DJO for being stupid Murray: top players should not flout the rules

 Kay Goss criticizes DJO for being stupid Murray: top players should not flout the rules

British player Evans also criticized DJOs conduct of holding performance games, in my opinion, such a game should not be held, and everyone goes dancing, which sets a negative example. I think DJO should take some responsibility in this matter.

Russian player Rublev also took part in the tour. He issued a statement that the test result was negative, but his fans still didnt let him go. They were even more angry at the behavior of DJO in organizing the game. Listen, you shouldnt take part in this irresponsible game. You are also responsible. Can you tell DJO what I said?

Even though Murray, a friend of the German treaty, came out to speak, our relationship has been good, but now we make complaints about what happened there. When you go through a time like this, its important for all the top players in the world to show people that we attach great importance to this and take social distance measures properly.

For example, when I am treated by a physical therapist, I will wear a mask to reduce the risk as much as possible. There are players who flout the rules and when that happens it has a negative impact on tennis Murray believes that now many players have been diagnosed with the new crown, which has a negative impact on the tennis tournament that is about to return to work. I hope we can learn from it and take it seriously, because if we have problems every week and players do what they want to do, then the tour will not return, we need to ensure that we are doing the right thing. There is no doubt that every country has different national conditions and different rules, but I think if players are allowed to travel globally, because players and team members come from different parts of the world, they need to ensure that the right safety and precautions are put in place, Murray added Source: Netease sports Author: Jiang Feng editor in charge: Lu Ting_ NS5242