Its hard to use Kane Mourinhos goal data of the top five students to fight back this wave

 Its hard to use Kane Mourinhos goal data of the top five students to fight back this wave

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Bad use of Kane Mussinas goal data from five top students (source: Netease sports)

Mourinho then gave an example: I had a good guy (Ronaldo), now he plays for Juve. He has played for me for three seasons, scoring 168 goals, with an average of 56 goals per season. I have another good guy. His name is Benzema. He played for me for three seasons. He didnt always start because he was very young at that time, but he scored 78 goals in three seasons, with an average of 26 goals per season. I also have a man named Milito, who has scored 30 goals and won the treble for me in one season. Of course, he also has 30 goals every season on average. I have another guy who has played for me for one and a half seasons and missed the other half because of injury. Thats a tall man named Ibrahimovic. He scored 58 goals, 29 goals per season on average.

So, my dear Paul, I respect you very much, but I think Kane can score for my team without any difficulty, especially when he is fit and gets back to the rhythm of the game. Thats the message I send to people I respect.

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