The boys in Chengdu are so exquisite that they are outrageous

 The boys in Chengdu are so exquisite that they are outrageous

Now the epidemic is gradually under control, and there are more people in taiguli, Chengdu! After two months at home, the fashionable men took to the streets to feel the citys fireworks and at the same time, they also gave us a good boy matching class!

Netizens exclaimed after watching it: its too delicate~

Domineering president comes to Zhenlou first

Capable and masculine

A kind of

Its said that the boys in Chengdu are very artistic

These two little brothers in loose white shirts

Although the collocation is cold, it is actually low-key and stylish

A kind of

Martin boots jeans vest

The retro trend in the mens circle has never abated

We should stick to what we love

A kind of

Boys with white skin have more choices

Black, white and gray, simple as they are

Give people a very clean sense of sight

A kind of

Sports boys should have such a classic outfit

A kind of

More attention should be paid to the dressing of men in the workplace

Except for the black grey suit

Sometimes when you light up the color system, youll get a lot of points

Looking younger and more energetic

A kind of

Denim is an essential piece

When matching, pay attention to the overall sense of hierarchy

Its shorter, its more stylish

A kind of

Spring is the season of vitality

Take off the thick dark winter clothes

Put on light colors

Its a lot brighter in a flash

The real refined men are very detail oriented

Up and down echoing can play the role of finishing touch

A kind of

The ropes and the big pockets

Add a lot of rough feeling to the whole

A kind of

If you want to be handsome and safe

Classic black and white

Be careful not to have too many accessories

A kind of

Beige jacket with black Sweatpants

Layers of clothes

And the jacket has the function of raising the proportion of body height

A kind of

Black + army green

Its a common match for straight men

However, it is recommended to wear overalls in this style

Todays young dad is also a trendsetter

Sunglasses earrings, flower arm tattoo, easy to match

A kind of

A season of casual dressing

Some boys have turned out their shorts and ripped Cowboys

Pay attention to light jeans with dark top

A kind of

White T black shorts Converse shoes

Inch head with exquisite tattoo

Such a man can be called a walking hormone

A kind of

And the bright yellow laces accentuate the details

You have to match it with your heart

Cool little brother with dirty pigtails is easy to see

Overall loose clothing style

It matches his character

A kind of

Denim jacket, Black Slim pants, delicate Backpack

Low key, style and no publicity

Its the type that girls prefer

A kind of

Short hair, sunny smile

High top small white shoes, sports jacket

The boys in Chengdu are really more exquisite

A kind of

Wearing a mask doesnt cover his high beauty

Let his masculinity burst

A kind of

In Chengdu, no matter boys or girls, almost everyone will pay attention to their own image, which has gradually become a social atmosphere. The fashion gene that seeps into the bone also makes them more exquisite than people in other cities!

There are no ugly men in the world, only lazy men! Its better to pay more attention to and learn some collocation skills in daily life than to complain about not being handsome and not having a girlfriend every day, so as to make yourself more attractive in appearance first!

(photo source: qingdou @ Street photo, @ her street photo, @ marketplace Street photo, etc.)