My sisters full score jeans are for working people

 My sisters full score jeans are for working people

But different bone types are suitable for different jeans. Find the right jeans and T-shirt for you according to your bone type, so that you can take your time and have an attitude. This time, little Yi will take you to find your own style from three types, and never make mistakes in wearing jeans!

If you lose weight, its hard to show the clavicle,

The waist is high and the hips are thick,

Then youre a straight crowd

Short neck and high chest. If the T-shirt is not designed with a vertical opening, it will be very cramped. In addition, the feature of this figure is that the muscle is very obvious, so it is very important to choose the T-shirt with superior and rigid fabric.

For the workplace, dont forget to add solemnity to the casual look of T-shirt u00d7 jeans. Suit top, superior leather square bag, etc. are decorated with solemn pieces in the collocation of T-shirt u00d7 jeans. The goal is to create a feminine image of temperament.

Next is little Yis dress and classroom time,

Three kinds of straight human dressing formula,

Please keep it

V-neck + straight tube

Color is the key

V-neck with this years popular gray jeans, you can wear a fashionable sense of leisure.

For a strong figure, V-neck can lengthen the line of neck, and people will look more relaxed. However, to avoid monotony, we can add liveliness through color, such as choosing gray straight jeans, fashionable colors to add fashion.

In addition to the T-shirt material, you can also choose a strong coat, such as a jacket or a suit, to highlight the stiffness, and its own color can make people more attractive.

In addition, in order to prevent the material from being too single, the bright top can enhance the sense of hierarchy on the premise of maintaining the color unity, so that the shape is calm and more interesting at the same time.


Stretch linen t


One neck + straight pants

Pants with middle seams are more stylish

The collocation of the straight neck shirt and the white jeans can show the simplicity and conciseness, and the dark coat stuck in the clavicle can make the curve of the bone more conspicuous.

In addition to highlighting the collarbone, even if the slightly fat girls dont have collarbone, they can also be used as a choice to cover the meat. Its very neat to match with white jeans with mid seam pants.

If youre worried about the appearance of a word neck, you can balance it with a conspicuous pendant, or choose a two wear top, which changes with the style.

Dark one character collar is very temperament, can match with delicate accessories, full of femininity.

In recent years, the popular square collar also has the same beauty. It is recommended to choose the simple style to reduce the test of the body. The strong pants cover the original leg shape and fat, fresh and casual.


Basic knitwear


High waist straight jeans

Good luster

If the top fabric is smooth and glossy, even the round neck design is also very solemn. It can be matched with the belt with good texture to improve the body proportion.

Generally, people will think that the round neck design is easy to appear the neck cramped, but if you choose a shiny and smooth fabric, it will fit well, make the human body look more soft and delicate, match with jeans to create a sense of balance, create a fashionable look.

For the straight type, the buttocks have a certain sense of flesh. Wearing jeans also has the advantage of being able to show your body curve is particularly good, but you must avoid tight type, because it will over highlight your muscle sense.

In addition to the glossy T-shirt, it can also be decorated with a bright jacket or bag to improve the fault tolerance of the shape.


Wool blend top

High waist straight jeans


Someone must have a question right now,

If my upper body is long and my hips are flat,

How to wear it?

Ill tell you the next issue~