Weipang. You must have stepped on one of the thunder when wearing fatter items

 Weipang. You must have stepped on one of the thunder when wearing fatter items

When I go shopping, I often see some slightly fat women wearing unsuitable clothes, especially some lace, leggings, bubble sleeves and so on. These shapes are everywhere.

Some women dont know how to develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses when they wear clothes. If they cant make a good one, they will uncover all their weaknesses.


Lace is a material that many women love, romantic and dreamlike.

But some people wear noble temperament, fat people wear is middle-aged fat.

Have you seen this picture?

Looking at this picture of Jiang Xin, her figure is slightly fat, but wearing lace, she can only be said to be really fat.

Therefore, lace is a kind of terrible material that wraps the slim body into the fat body.

Lace can instantly increase a size on a chubby person, like a walking mountain.

The same person, the material is not the same skirt, just look at the upper body can be so different.

The roundness of waist and abdomen will make it difficult for you to find the right waistline. Moreover, the quality of lace is the key point. Do not wear lace with poor quality. It looks cheap when it looks fat and old.

There are many shapes of lace on the long dress, because the lace dress will not too close the waist, even if it looks bloated.

Of course, there will be a slightly waist style, but because of the material, the waist that was not too thick can also be turned into a bucket.

Even if you find the best angle, even if you have a waistband, its still generally thick.

In this proportion, the waist is visually thin, but the crotch is also wide. And obviously, the crotch is wider than the shoulder.

Loose lace cover on the body is this effect, near look far look like a piece of cloth without lines.

u2461 Sequin

Because of the reflection, the sequins have an expansive effect. Ordinary people wear clothes of this material, which not only show fat but also look very tacky. If you are slightly fat, let alone, its just like making zongzi.

Sequins have a sense of drooping, so they look smart, but once a little fat person is on the body, its a fat fish.

No matter self-cultivation is not self-cultivation, one of its biggest disadvantages is to show shoulder width. Even if long hair is used to cover, wide shoulder is still very attractive.

Even if the body is a little narrower, the feeling of meat is still at a glance.

The legs are looming and heavy inside, even though they are decorated with coats.

So, even if you like this kind of material, you are also choosing a few fabrics, just a little embellishment, not a large area of wear.


Single lightning protection

u2460 Oversize top

In fact, we dont like the over size style very much, but because its loose, cant see the meat, and can cover the meat, so the slightly fat people think it can cover the body defects.

This kind of picture has been seen by everyone. Like this, a man with a piece of paper wrapped in a wide shirt is what every woman dreams of wearing over size.

But the same thing is true of slightly obese women.

Although its the right way to over size, if its this way, dress yourself in five or five points, and the color is so light. Its meat everywhere.

Of course, sometimes when you wear it, it can give you a feeling that the meat on your body is sloshing inside. The whole person is heavy.

And deliberately buy a lot of sizes, take it as a skirt to wear, neither neck nor waist.

But with a belt, the whole person is much lighter in an instant. The loose place is loose and the thin place is thin.

u2461 Buttock skirt

Buttock skirt is a single product that can not be ignored in shaping curve and aura, which can well tie out waist line and outline waist buttock curve.

Although it is sexy, it will enlarge its disadvantages. Its one of the items that cant step on thunder. For the girl with big legs and big buttocks, the skirt with big buttocks is not so solemn.

The whole person can be thick.

Forward and backward is a derogatory term here. It can not only give you a panoramic view of your stomach, but also make your buttocks tight. Its very oppressive, uncomfortable to wear and uncomfortable to look at.

That is to say, using the high waist to improve the waistline, the lower body still has no slim feeling, and the wrap feeling of the hip skirt makes the body line have no advantage.

The lines of buttocks can be seen at a glance, and the extra fat appears more.

Visually, it can only make you wider.

u2460 Bubble sleeve

Recently, many net red stars are wearing bubble sleeves. Zhang Yuqi wears them in the first episode of sister riding the wind and waves.

Zhang Yuqis figure is not bad, but after she put on the bubble sleeves, she immediately went back and forth.

Lets see if she doesnt wear bubble sleeves. She has a really good figure. The curve of her shoulders is not so rough at all.

Because of the three-dimensional puffiness of the bubble sleeve, it will greatly increase the width of the upper body in vision, and it is easy for girls with wide shoulders or slightly fat upper body to look big and round.

So, even if you want to wear bubble sleeves, dont choose long sleeves, or you will be like a lantern, like Zhang Yuqi, or like the following.

Once put on, the chubby person is a realistic version of King Kong Barbie.

On the front, the upper body looks like a chopping board.

From the side view, the thickness of the whole person is more than doubled.

If you are not careful, you are a walking meatball.

Even so, the overall shape has a sense of fashion, still can not cover up the shoulders and thick arms of Waian.

u2461 Ruffle, lace

As a kind of clothing ornament, the lotus leaf edge and lace have wide shape and will form natural pleated lace. It is often used in collar, cuff, skirt and other positions.

Therefore, for people who are slightly fat, this kind of element is taboo.

For people with large breasts, these decorations are all to add to the cake, and the breasts will appear bigger, not to mention, and very cumbersome in vision.

Many layers of lace hanging down makes people feel bloated.

Dont try the style of aunt easily. The upper body is in a state of accumulation, and the sense of line doesnt exist at all.

As well as the style of cake skirt, the feeling of layering is too cumbersome, for the slightly fat people, it is to add to the cake.

But if its like this, a long skirt with off shoulder ruffles, a long waist line, fat arms but just covered, the overall proportion is very good.

Therefore, such elements as ruffles and lace must not be too much, and they can be very elegant with a little embellishment.

Long skirts and short skirts are the same.

For this kind of element, the little fat people wear is, less is more, we must do subtraction to make ourselves look more light.