Even if the premier is blown up to the 5th floor, we have to order the Olympic torch

 Even if the premier is blown up to the 5th floor, we have to order the Olympic torch

So at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the dove of peace was set free 15 minutes after the opening ceremony, and the flame was set off in the last part, two and a half hours apart. In addition, the peace pigeons released this time were all trained professionally. Soon after the release, they all returned to their nests. There were also staff at the torch platform to guard against death, and they were truly watertight.

After the Barcelona Olympic Games, the release of doves of peace has been transformed into an art form. At the opening ceremony of the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games, the organizers replaced pigeons with white balloons. However, the Organizing Committee of Lillehammer Olympic Games did not re expose the scars of Seoul, but said that it was too cold to let doves fly peacefully; at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the projection of pigeons was played; at the 2012 London Olympic Games, 75 actors were specially asked to paste on their bodies LED lights, dressed as pigeons riding bicycles into the arena.

Back in 1992, after the opening ceremony plan of Barcelona Olympic Games was put out, even after several modifications, the Spanish fire safety department still took a negative attitude towards the opening ceremony plan. But this time the problem is not the release of doves, but the lighting of the torch. As Manuel huerga, the Director-General of the opening ceremony, refused to change his plan, the two sides were locked up for a time, and the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympic Games almost failed to open.

Director ulga

Finally, in 1972, the Munich massacre took place. The IOC began to attach importance to the security capabilities of potential bidders. A year later, Spanish Prime Minister Luis Blanco was bombed and killed by the Basque separatist terrorist organization ETA in Madrid. Considering that one of the very important indicators for the International Olympic Organizing Committee to assess the bidding country is whether the situation in the host city is stable, Madrid will not be able to compete for the Olympic Games.

However, it was a blessing in disguise. Since then, both the Montreal Olympics and the Moscow Olympics have lost money (Montreal lost $2.4 billion, Moscow lost $1.3 billion), and Spains enthusiasm to bid for the Olympics has naturally cooled down.

In 1984, Los Angeles Olympic Games achieved unprecedented profits and opened up new ideas for future generations. In addition, Spain successfully hosted the world cup in 1982. These two environmental factors have rekindled the enthusiasm of Spaniards to bid for the Olympic Games. In 1981, the Barcelona municipal government adopted the proposal to bid for the 1992 Olympic Games, which was promoted by Barcelonas Samaranch, then president of the International Olympic Committee.

Barcelonas bid for the Olympic Games was soon approved by the Spanish government and supported by the Spanish royal family. Although there are conflicts in their respective interests, Spain will replace Madrid with Barcelona to bid for the Olympic Games as a compromise. In 1985, ETA promised the outside world to cease fire within a time limit. After removing all external obstacles, on October 17, 1986, at the 91st plenary session of the International Olympic Committee, Barcelona defeated Paris and won the right to host the 1992 Summer Olympic Games.

In the following years, the world situation changed dramatically. Compared with the upheaval in Eastern Europe and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the pigeon burning in the Seoul Olympic Games was not worth mentioning. Therefore, in early 1992, the team of Barcelona Olympic opening ceremony decided to modify the original plan under the leadership of general director Olga. We have no way to verify the original plan of the opening ceremony, but according to ulga, the original opening ceremony is more like an opera performance with the theme of Spanish history. The revised plan integrates the concept of unity of the world, peaceful coexistence and integration of the East and the west, because the participating countries in the 1992 Olympic Games will no longer be divided into the East and the West camps, and many countries regaining their independent status will return to the Olympic family. Since 1972, no country has actively boycotted the Olympic Games for political purposes for the first time.

However, two parts of the revised opening ceremony plan did not get the approval of the fire safety department, which happened to be the release of peace doves and the lighting of the torch. The Spanish fire safety department was soon convinced in the release of peace dove, because the concept of Peace Dove was put forward by Picasso, the Spanish art master, and the remaining ignition scheme became the focus of the debate between the fire safety department and the director group.

Picasso: dove of peace

For this reason, abads proposed to let an athlete light the torch by archery, but the initial idea was not to shoot an arrow, but to use the slide to bring the ignited arrow cluster to the top of the torch tower, and then put the arrow cluster into the torch tower to light the torch. But the Spanish fire safety department warned that if the arrow cluster passes through the slide, there is likely to be Mars falling into the stadium and the audience, that is to say, the slide cannot be set too low, and the inertia exerted by the slide for the arrow cluster is likely to let the arrow cluster fly out of the torch tower. However, ulga proposed that if a higher curve slide was set, although the arrow cluster would fly to the torch platform in a curve, the gravity would make the arrow down, and the arrow cluster would fly horizontally to the torch platform, so the visual effect would be quite false.

Neither side was willing to give in until the last moment. Before the torch was lit, no one knew what the final plan was like, except for the fire safety department, the director group and the athlete in charge of the ignition.

On July 25, 1992, Barcelona Olympic Games opened. At that time, 172 countries in the world attended the opening ceremony. All the former heads of state of the Spanish colonies also attended the opening ceremony, such as Fidel Castro, the supreme leader of Cuba. There were many performances with the theme of praising Columbus at the opening ceremony. In order to avoid these performances generating colonialist ideas and stimulating the American countries, these performances were finally removed.

Tennis player ivanisevic leads Croatia as a chess player

This angle is clear. Before the arrow falls into the torch, the torch has been lit

After the director group proposed the plan, the Spanish fire safety department repeatedly reiterated that the plan would only be approved if the director group found reliable athletes to light the torch. Because of this method of lighting the torch, it is difficult for athletes to shoot not horizontally, but upwards. Therefore, the strength and direction of archery as well as the judgment of the falling point of archery are highly demanded. It doesnt matter if you shoot your arrows off the field, but even if rapolo isnt strong enough, its too much trouble to shoot them on the field. Fortunately, rapolo practiced more than 2000 times before the opening ceremony. At the end of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, rapolo was even more excited to say that he was happier than winning the gold medal, although later he only won one silver medal in the Paralympic Games.

All the directors of the opening ceremony had to dig their brains and come up with all kinds of wonderful ways to light the torch, thanks to Hitler. Coincidentally, there is also a relationship with Barcelona.

The Nazi party, which was still in opposition at that time, scoffed at the decision. Hitler said: the Olympic Games are one of the means used by so-called pacifists and Jews to deceive the people The lower races, blacks, Jews and Gypsies want to compete with Aryans of noble descent to prove that they can get the same life, treatment and even respect as Aryans...

However, it may not have occurred to Hitler that two years later he became the German prime minister and the Nazi Party became the ruling party of Germany. In 1933, the International Olympic Committee was about to hold a meeting in Vienna, Austria. After Hitler learned that, he decided to contact with the International Olympic Committee after listening to the opinions of Dr. Albert Speyer, the German economic leader at that time. A few months later, Garmisch pattenkirchen of Germany won the right to host the 1936 Winter Olympics.

The reason why Hitlers attitude has changed 180 degrees is that he and Speyer proposed that the Olympic Games can not only help Germany improve its national reputation and witness its economic development, but also let Europe see Germanys peaceful rise. Hitler, on the other hand, believed that many of his political ideas and ambitions could also be shown to the world through the Olympic Games. The head of state believes that if the Aryans are invincible through sports, then there is no need to start a war, and the world can be forced to recognize the superiority of our nations bloodline, wrote Speers autobiography inside the third empire.

But Hitlers speech at home was still full of private goods. For example, when he gave a speech to teenagers in Germany, he said: compared with bullets and shells, sports is a good way to defeat the weak, the despicable and the Jews spiritually. In addition, he strongly opposed the participation of black athletes and Jews in the Olympic Games when he first met with the then president of the International Olympic Committee, Latour, however, strongly said that if Hitler continued to impose his anti Semitic ideas on the Olympic Games, it would not exclude the transfer of the Olympic Games to other countries, and the United States also proposed to move the Olympic Games to Rome, Italy, in 1935. So Hitler gave up for a while.

However, this kind of anti Semitism still exists. Wolfgang felstner, the German officer in charge of the construction of the Olympic Village, is doomed. On September 15, 1935, Germany issued the infamous Nuremberg act. All non Aryans will no longer be German citizens, and their citizenship will be deprived. In addition, the act defines a person as Jewish if all or three of his four grandparents are Jewish. Feilstner met this standard. After the delivery of the Olympic Village, feilstner was demoted and his credit was counted on another German officer.

On August 19, 1936, it was predicted that his nation would face a tragic situation in the near future. On the third day after the end of the Olympic Games, feilstner shot himself. It was not until 2002 that his reputation was restored. A stone tablet was erected on his graveyard, which said, here is buried the construction commander of the Olympic village of 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, the great feilstner. Captain .

Phil Turner

On the eve of the opening of the 1936 Olympic Games, Carl Tim, then German sports minister, put forward the concept of passing the torch. He expressed his hope that the Olympic spirit could be spread to all sides with the torch. The torch relay is not only the tradition of ancient Greece, but also plays a positive role in promoting Germany. German propaganda minister Goebbels immediately agreed with both hands, but his purpose was to announce to the world the sphere of influence Germany intended to seek through the torch relay, and also to test the attitude of European countries. At that time, the situation in Europe was already very tense. Whoever dared to refuse the invitation of Germany to deliver the torch would mean that the country was ready to be the enemy of Germany.

On July 20, 1936, the German Olympic Organizing Committee successfully collected the flame in Olympia. After that, the flame was delivered in Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and Czechoslovakia. In the Second World War, these countries were either drawn into the axis camp or invaded by the axis countries. The first Olympic torch relay became the enclosure movement to divide the sphere of influence.

On August 1, 1936, the Berlin Olympic Games officially opened. Germany has invested a lot of money in this grand event, but it has made all the delegations except Germany very uncomfortable, because the German flag is a part higher than that of all other countries. In addition, all the people must salute the rostrum and the flag of the International Olympic Committee with Nazi ceremony.

The staff at the opening ceremony were all pretty men and women who had been carefully selected. The most attractive one was the torchbearer Fritz schilgen, who was responsible for lighting the main torch. He was the 5000 meter bronze medal winner of the 1930 International University Games. When selecting the torchbearer, Hitler met schilgen at a glance. In his eyes, schilgens figure was what Aryans should have, Hitler even affectionately called him my beautiful man. In this way, silvan wrote his name in the history of the Olympic Games and became the first person to light the Olympic torch.

When it comes to the Berlin Olympic Games, we have to mention Jesse Owens. The American media have been trying to make up for how Jesse Owens hit Hitler in the face with his outstanding achievements. But they never mentioned that although Hitler was very angry, he didnt show his slow and lazy attitude towards Jesse Owens, and still stood up to salute Jesse Owens. Jesse Owens himself later said, Hitler didnt show me disrespect. Instead, President Roosevelt didnt show me any respect. He didnt even send me a telegram of congratulations (Roosevelt sent telegrams to all the white players).

Lutz Langs fate seems to be full of misery and injustice. After failing to be the Olympic torch bearer and the Olympic gold medal, he was drafted into the army and sent to Italy (only winning the gold medal can exempt him from military service). On July 10, 1943, he was arrested by the allies in Sicily. He was not treated as well as he had been with Jesse Owens. On July 13, 1943, he and 73 other unarmed prisoners of war were killed by the US army without trial. They were only 30 years old. The flame of his destiny, which had been kindled by the movement, was extinguished. Source: Houchang village sports team Author: Yokohama Feiyi editor in charge: Zhou Juntao_ NS4573

Lutz Langs fate seems to be full of misery and injustice. After failing to be the Olympic torch bearer and the Olympic gold medal, he was drafted into the army and sent to Italy (only winning the gold medal can exempt him from military service). On July 10, 1943, he was arrested by the allies in Sicily. He was not treated as well as he had been with Jesse Owens. On July 13, 1943, he and 73 other unarmed prisoners of war were killed by the US army without trial. They were only 30 years old. The flame of his destiny, which had been kindled by the movement, was extinguished.