Western media: Barcelona players are furious! Dissatisfied with VaR Real Madrids admission of taking advantage

 Western media: Barcelona players are furious! Dissatisfied with VaR Real Madrids admission of taking advantage

Pique can see through? Real Madrid suspected three times dispute profit opponent: we were angry!

Another Spanish generals connotation Real Madrid has been treated favourably by gatai media: scandal!

When Real Madrid beat Royal Society 2-1, the referee first gave Real Madrid a penalty to break the deadlock after watching VaR, and then cancelled januzais long-range goal break on the grounds that Merino blocked kurtuvas sight in the offside position. The goal was cancelled and a great controversy ensued. If the referee doesnt cancel the ball, the score will be 1-1 and the game will be totally different.

Schuster, the old coach of Real Madrid, also thought it was totally unreasonable: Merino didnt touch the ball, and he didnt move. That shot was also very wonderful. I dont know if kurtuva could come out if Merino wasnt there. Merino didnt make any impact, he didnt touch the ball, he didnt let it refract, I dont understand why he blew it off.

Two minutes after the goal was blown away, Benzema used his right shoulder to stop the ball and shoot hard to help Real Madrid lead 2-0. Under the new rules of the season, a shoulder stop is not a handball. The referees decision is correct, but the problem is that the same var referee Estrada Fernandez made the opposite decision against Barcelona when Barcelona played Atletico 2-3 in the West Super Cup.

As claimed that Real Madrid think Barcelonas protests are nonsense, but Real Madrid and team reporter Javier areas said that Real Madrid in fact admitted that they took advantage, januzais goal was cancelled is indeed a miscarriage of justice. But Real Madrid dont think they are the leaders of La Liga only by referees. They think they have been cheated by referees many times before. The most typical is the first leg of the national Derby, varane twice in the Barcelona penalty area was suspected of foul, but the referee did not blow the penalty, the national Derby ended 0-0.

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