Zhou Xun left the airport at will, and the more superstar he was, the less he had to pack

 Zhou Xun left the airport at will, and the more superstar he was, the less he had to pack

This sleeveless top combines the elements of printing, and the printing on it is also very fresh. This light blue brings a different sense of beauty. It is very fashionable, can reduce the sense of weight, and appears very fresh. The whole person looks very young, energetic and full of vitality.

Dark grey wide leg pants are also very casual and casual. This pair of pants is actually simple and pure, and the use rate in daily life is also very high, which is suitable for us to match in daily life, and can be worn at home, but it is not necessary to use this pair of pants to concave shape when attending important activities. There are some common pants, and they are not easy to shine.

Its also very easy to match with this kind of simple sandals. Its very beautiful and fashionable with the wide leg pants. This kind of sandals has a very high appearance rate in summer. Its very comfortable to walk on the road, and its very convenient. Its also easy to walk on the foot, which makes our whole people look lighter last year. Its very fashionable to combine with all kinds of single products.

The pink top is matched with this kind of more fashionable skirt, and the design of sequins is more fashionable. The color skirt can show a lively feeling on the body, and it is fashionable and advanced. The pink top is combined with the waistline, showing a looming waist curve, and a special sense of sex. The skirt of the lower half adopts the design of high waist and the cutting of buttocks, which can highlight a good body Material. This kind of hairstyle can also highlight the elegant charm, without dyeing other hair colors can highlight the delicate and three-dimensional facial features. Combined with this pink blush, it can highlight the sense of maiden.

The black sleeveless top matches this kind of blue pants, which is very fashionable. The general shorts are more beautiful, but this kind of pants is relatively low-key, which can better show the thin legs, cover the flesh and show the thin. The front of the black top combines this kind of Chanel icon, which is more noble and can instantly light up the fashion sense of the overall shape u3002 Zhou Xun is also wearing black sunglasses, showing a unique feeling. Its really charming. With a watch on your hand, you can make the overall shape more perfect and show a sense of fashion from the details.

It can be said that the dress with suspenders is super fashionable. The combination of black and white is very fashionable and foreign style. The combination of black and white has a more hierarchical sense. This small V-shaped cutting is integrated in the chest, which can also modify the chest curve of sexual feeling, creating a different charm. This time, I chose short hair to look very simple, attractive and highly recognizable.