This bloggers clothes are made in such a fast way

 This bloggers clothes are made in such a fast way

Simple and generous white T with camel pleated skirt, the upper part of the body slightly monotonous, then add a silk scarf, this long silk scarf, in the chest form a vertical V-shaped, weaken the high neckline T-shirt visual sense of bulkiness, but also can play a tie effect, increase the intellectual and steady atmosphere, with the same color of the suit jacket and high-heeled shoes, natural and capable, but also gentle and elegant.

Although she can wear it now, she has been groping for a suitable style before she found it. She has also been wandering between sweetness and maturity. For example, the white tee + gauze skirt + canvas shoes below seem to be a little bit small. Gauze skirt and canvas shoes are relatively younger pieces. They look tender together. It will be much better to replace them with Mary Jane shoes and Lefu shoes.

The dress on the right looks mature and old, and the fabric is not soft enough and easy to stick on the skin, exposing the uneven abdomen.

So how did she cultivate her good clothes now?

Imitation and reference

If there is any shortcut to change beauty, then reference and imitation are also considered. In fact, the mother bloggers good clothes are also practiced by imitating the daily necessities. Because she likes the Japanese style, she usually wears them according to the daily necessities. Such a simple way of wearing can be a complete set of copy when we have no matching inspiration.

After improving her aesthetic and matching skills through reference and imitation, she will also add her own ideas in dressing, such as this green + white striped shirt. Through the color extraction method, she also matches the following dark green skirt and white gauze skirt. The colors of the upper and lower garments echo each other. It is an elegant, intellectual and fresh literature and art. Walking in the rain is easy and pleasant.

Wear more than one coat

Her daily matching clothes are also relatively cheap, and the utilization rate of single items is also very high. Many single items will be worn repeatedly, but the style is not the same. For example, the pink shirt within 100 yuan is matched with many possibilities by her, which looks exquisite, elegant and has a big brand style.

Rich details

Or add a touch of bright color to the plain basic style, blue and white are fresh and quiet, but also a little plain. The red bag ornament on the right will be more lively and fashionable.

This mother bloggers dressing style is comfortable, soft and friendly. On the one hand, her overall color is mostly light, and on the other hand, it has a lot to do with the relaxation of the face matching. She doesnt overemphasize the curve or the looseness of the dressing, which makes the feeling more natural.

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