Beidou 3 closing star successfully launched!

 Beidou 3 closing star successfully launched!

Beidou No. 3 ended its launch with twists and turns. Previously, due to the failure of two space launch missions, the whole project drew inferences from one another and carried out quality review. The launch time was adjusted from May to June; on June 16, due to the technical problems of products found before the launch, in order to ensure 100% success and no hidden dangers, the launch was postponed again. The success of this mission fully embodies the scientific spirit of seeking truth and being practical in the aerospace field and the strict, careful and practical work style, which once again proves that the sixteen character policy of scientific research and experiment serious, thoughtful and meticulous, reliable and foolproof is an important magic weapon for Chinas aerospace industry to win difficulties and win victory continuously.

After the successful launch, the United Nations Space Division sent a special video to congratulate the Beidou System on completing the global networking deployment, affirm that the Beidou system is promoting the global economic and social development, and appreciate the great contribution made by the Beidou System in the peaceful use of outer space, participation in the international cooperation in space activities of the United Nations and other aspects.

The satellite launched this time belongs to geostationary orbit satellite. After a series of in orbit tests and network access, China will carry out the Beidou whole system joint commissioning and joint test. On the basis of ensuring stable and reliable operation of the system and excellent performance indicators, we will select the machine to provide users with all-weather, all-weather, high-precision global positioning and navigation time service, as well as satellite based enhancement, short message communication, and precise single point positioning And other special services.

In 1994, Beidou satellite navigation system was launched. In more than 20 years, China has organized 44 Beidou launch missions in Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Using long march 3A series launch vehicles, four Beidou-1 test satellites, 55 beidou-2 and beidou-3 networking satellites have been successively put into the scheduled orbit, with a success rate of 100%. In particular, since the start of global networking in 2017, 18 launch missions have been carried out with high density in two and a half years. This year, in novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, the Beidou project has been insisting on the double line operation of the network launch and epidemic prevention and control, and has effectively promoted the successful completion of the Beidou three global network. With the strong support of TT & C, ground operation control, inter satellite link operation management, application verification and other systems, all previously launched satellites have entered the network.

From project demonstration to implementation, from double star positioning to regional networking, and then to global coverage, Chinas satellite navigation system construction has gone through more than 30 years of exploration and practice, three generations of Beidou people continue to struggle, and has embarked on a path of self-reliance, independent innovation, and self transcendence. It has completed the largest scale, the widest coverage, the highest service performance, and 100 The giant complex space system with the most close relationship between family name and life has become the first major space infrastructure in China to provide public services to the world. It has made an important contribution to the development of the worlds satellite navigation industry, provided more choices for the global public to share better space-time precise services, and accumulated valuable experience for the modernization of Chinas major science and technology project management.

At present, more than half of the countries in the world begin to use the Beidou system. In the future, Beidou will continue to participate in international satellite navigation affairs, promote the compatibility and sharing of multiple systems, carry out international exchanges and cooperation, promote the overseas application of Beidou and share the latest development achievements of Beidou according to the needs of the worlds people.

Chinas Beidou serves the world and benefits mankind. Where human dream pursues, we hope to locate the space-time; where human steps forward, we hope to guide. In 2035, China will build a comprehensive space-time system that is more ubiquitous, more integrated and more intelligent, further improve the capacity of space-time information service, and make Chinas contribution to the further development of human beings.

The launch of Beidou navigation satellite and supporting launch vehicle was jointly developed by China Academy of space technology and China Academy of launch vehicle technology, affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. This is the 336th flight of the long march series launch vehicle.

(CCTV reporter Zhang Wei, Wang Gang, Liu Guanqing, Liu Changlian, Li Yunxi, Sichuan platform, Liangshan Prefecture platform, Yang Xin, Chen Biao)

Source: global network editor in charge: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279