Wear the right coat and shoes to be exquisite and fashionable

 Wear the right coat and shoes to be exquisite and fashionable

So what kind of coat and shoes should the wide leg pants match?

Today, the micro sauce and the teacher of coffee will share some collocation schemes that show the temperament and cool of wide leg pants in summer. I hope they can also inspire and help you.

u2460 Avoid top width and bottom width

(left picture) wide leg pants + waist and buttock top show the height, but also cover the belly. The suit style wearing method is more advanced and generous.

(right) wide leg pants + short top / blazer, a fit of top silhouette, simple and temperament with wide leg pants. A kind of

u2461 Create a slim silhouette with a light summer cardigan

For example, if a T-shirt is worn with wide leg pants, and you are worried about the back thickness and arm thickness, you can fold it with a light and thin cardigan in summer (as shown in the left picture), which can not only protect against the sun, but also create an H-shaped silhouette when you open it, showing thin and natural.

If you prefer elegant dressing style, the thin knit cardigan is more suitable for shuttling in the hot sun and the air conditioning environment of the office. (as shown on the right) u25bc

u2462 Top and bottom in the same color is more harmonious

For people who are not confident in their body proportions, wearing the same color system is simple and practical, and the effect is obvious. When wearing wide leg pants in summer, wearing a T-shirt and shirt of the same color will make the whole more harmonious. This method is especially suitable for people with short waist like micro sauce.

In addition, like the color of you, dont forget to use light bright color to match, the color of summer is more dynamic Oh! A kind of

The matching of top is the foundation, and what kind of shoes do wide leg pants wear? This is the finishing touch part. Lets continue to share some ideas on how to match wide leg pants with different shoes. Wide leg pants + sandals

The combination of wide leg pants and sandals can be said to be limited in summer, because in the hot weather, sandals are the most relieving item, but sandals with skirts and shorts are not as dignified and generous as long pants.

Women who walk in the light and familiar style can use this combination in their daily commuter clothes, and the wide leg pants add a more relaxed sense of leisure than the general suit pants.

Therefore, the wide leg pants + sandals can not only enjoy the cool underfoot, but also bring proper skin exposure to the serious professional clothing, balance the dull style, and add a little playfulness and elegance. A kind of

Wide leg pants + Muller shoes

The pointed Muller shoes can also extend the lines of the foot surface, show high and thin, and also have a casual fashion sense. In addition, if you want to score more, you can try to match the same color system of the shoes and pants! A kind of

Wide leg pants + high heels

If you are a small man like micro sauce, you can also use high-heeled shoes to increase self-confidence when matching with wide legged pants. The sassy broad legged pants, coupled with the feminine temperament of shallow high-heeled shoes, can make the small man wear out the atmosphere! In the actual dressing, pay attention to the delicate ankle, wrist and clavicle parts, which will bring blank to the summer dressing, and also give the visual impression of you are thin.

In every wardrobe match, the teacher will remind the micro sauce to make up the hair, with delicate and eye-catching earrings, to give people the point of vision up, the small man in the actual wear, want to show high and thin, this will be very effective Oh! A kind of

Wide leg pants + Lefu shoes

If you prefer the casual style, the happy shoes with wide leg pants are a more comfortable expression, and the happy shoes have British literary temperament. In summer, using striped shirt to build wide leg pants will give you a lazy and a little handsome feeling.

But small people should pay attention to other ways to show their height and thinness when matching, such as manufacturing high waistline, such as matching shoes and pants with the same color and so on. A kind of

The mature girls who put comfort first and pursue practical and easy dressing attitude must have sneakers in the scheme of matching with wide leg pants, because sneakers are more grounded and convenient for daily activities. Moreover, wide leg pants have become a fashionable and confident matching way.

The relaxation of the body is just another kind of fashion posture that seems to be careless, but in fact, it is all-around. A kind of

When the upper and lower garments are relatively simple, dont neglect the small accessories that affect the overall style trend, because to break the banality of summer wear, it depends on them, such as adding a little French style straw hat, exaggerated earrings that echo the color of the coat, exquisite watches, etc.

Eight point frame, two-point detail filling, the overall wear and match is not more hierarchical, more texture? A kind of

Well, todays sharing is here! Hope to bring you inspiration and good mood!