Must be matched with the same color in summer, fresh, clean and not greasy

 Must be matched with the same color in summer, fresh, clean and not greasy

The little sister chooses to match the elegant yellow high waist skirt and the elegant goose yellow top to form the echo. The A-shaped skirt adopts the high waist tight design, and the relaxed pleated skirt echoes it, making the figure more graceful and stylish.

With the yellow tone, lets talk about the blue tone with cool and cool feeling. The selection of the little sister is particularly matched with the blue tone, which is also the reason why she can stand out in the crowd. Anyone can choose the blue tone, but no one can match her in the selection and color. The upper part of the body is a close fitting, open navel top with a small lapel. It is delicate and ingenious. Although the body is close to the skin, its shoulder position is relaxed. The fluffy feeling without any trace is also suitable for girls with no superior sense of shoulder line.

Elder sister, we should not only learn from its color matching, but also learn from its selection ability. The white body is equipped with blue hook lines, and the tight and loose dark blue mop jeans form a strong and distinct contrast, very thin.

If the last blue suit doesnt suit your taste. That little sisters smart and quiet must be your dish. First of all, she used deep sea blue tights with dark blue to make old high waisted denim mops. The gentle knitted fabric and rigid denim fabric match, just like the collision of ice and fire, which is very eye-catching.

The little sisters elegant purple tone gives a very professional and intellectual feeling, especially with her shoulder length hair and black sunglasses, which is a kind of style without friends. She uses shirts with slim jeans to give a clean feeling. Satin shirts dont have too much of a broad sense. They are full of feminization, and they dont look bloated with high waisted slim jeans.

But theres another option for wearing it. You can change jeans into straight jeans instead of pencil jeans. This trouser type is particularly unfriendly to girls with big hips and big hips, and also has high requirements for thighs.

At the beginning, we also said that you can choose T-shirt with jeans or T-shirt with skirt in the same color. As long as the hue is harmonious and unified, both trousers and skirts can achieve beautiful results. The little sister uses a blue purple one shoulder corset with a high waist skirt made of silk fabric. The slim skirt design has a kind of effect similar to a fishtail skirt, gentle and intellectual.

The same way is used for this dress, which can extend the length of legs visually. If your height is less than 1.65 meters, it is recommended that you choose a skirt length that does not cover the calf belly, and the knee position is just right.

This dress is suitable for the girl with white skin, sweet and pure appearance. Its not suitable for the kind of woman man whose skeleton is small, which is often said to be the son of tiger and wolf.