Fashion brand aesthetic competition! Whose INS has the best taste?

 Fashion brand aesthetic competition! Whose INS has the best taste?


Instagram homepage of Italian brand Gucci

The ins of Gucci, an Italian brand, is like a big play. The high saturation and bright colors collide with the soft retro feeling, perfectly interpreting the luxury and complexity behind the brand. Of course, as the theme of each season changes, this performance also tells different stories.

Instagram homepage of Italian brand Gucci

Instagram homepage of Italian brand Gucci


A world without black or white

Instagram homepage of French brand Celine

Instagram trends of French brand Celine

Nowadays, Celines ins gives people a free and easy feeling with simple color effect and prominent logo, and most of his works are in the hands of the creative director. In addition to his identity as a designer, Hedi Slimane is also an excellent photographer. Its easy to find his love for Minimalism by opening his personal ins.

Instagram homepage of creative director Hedi Slimane


Instagram trends of Spanish brand Manolo Blahnik

Some brands show the soul of design through the expression of characters, while others take products as the only protagonists. Spanish brand Manolo Blahnik has successfully built its INS into a high-heeled shoe album. Whether it is the color matching or the choice of elements, it shows the brands careful study of aesthetics.

Manolo Blahniks high-heeled shoes are works of art in the fashion world. Their delicacy and elegance give people a unique visual enjoyment through the filter and processing of photographers. Can you pick such beautiful high heels?

Instagram trends of Spanish brand Manolo Blahnik

Instagram home page of delpozo

After reading the picture album of high heels, a beautiful collection of fashion illustration will be opened below. Delpozo, a Spanish brand, is very good at drawing inspiration from works of art. The womens clothes designed are romantic, unique and like a dream palette. Its ins also vividly depicts this colorful and pure world.

Instagram trends of delpozo

When you walk into the ins of French brand Balenciaga, you will have the illusion: is this a stolen number? Unlike other official INS, Balenciaga is more like a private account, with personality, mischievous and unintelligible intention as its main characteristics.

Instagram home page of French brand Balenciaga

Since demna gvasalia was appointed as creative director, the ins of the brand has gradually moved to the following style of interest. There is no longer emphasis on gorgeous shows and single product publicity photos, and even the models appearing in the audience have become unusual, but this just reflects the brands consistent whimsical and youthful vitality.


The grotesque performance of drama elite

Instagram homepage of fashion brand Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

When it comes to personalized ins accounts, we have to mention Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, a new fashion brand. Charles Jeffrey, the founder of the brand, graduated from the central St. Martin School of art and design in London, has won wide attention in the fashion world with his dramatic stage style design and perceptual expression techniques.

And its official ins also brings another kind of visual impact with its eye-catching and exaggerated modeling, like watching a group of opera elite weird performances. In addition, the paintings of many young artists will also be presented irregularly, enriching the ins content while also covered with a strong artistic atmosphere.


Wonderful story repeat

Nowadays, the ins of fashion brand has more and more strong personal color. Jacquemus, a brand of the same name operated by French post-90s designer Simon Porte jacquemus, is also one of them. In addition to the designers love of bringing private goods (such as self photography), he also has a paranoid demand for the layout of INS - often with three identical or similar themes horizontally distributed.

Instagram homepage of jacquemus

It is undeniable that because of its novel and unique way of communication, the designers personal charm is magnified infinitely, and the brand also gains a large number of loyal followers of INS.


Instagram homepage of French fashion brand rouje

After watching the wonderful life of French boys, we can taste the romantic stories of girls. French itgirl - rouje, a brand founded by Jeanne edamas, pushes French dressing style to the forefront of fashion. Simplicity, elegance and a little bit of small sexy are the key words of its design.

Of course, its ins is also full of French style. Damas, together with his friends and fans, is here to write about their attitude towards life, which is lazy, casual and not artificial.

Instagram homepage of French fashion brand rouje


A magazine of life art

Instagram homepage of Hungarian fashion brand nanushka

The other is nanushka, a small Hungarian clothing brand. Its simple and comfortable design style is popular with fashion bloggers, stars and street photographers. But unlike rouje, its ins is more like a slow-paced life art magazine, with clothing, architecture, sculpture, furniture and photography as its main content. Such gentle painting style can always bring a moment of freedom for busy and tired people.

Brands display works of photographer Jens ingvarsson through instagram


Instagram home page of the row

Art and fashion are inextricably linked, while the row, an American clothing brand, regards art as the soul of its propaganda. The rows official ins are extremely low-key but high-level, with few single product promotions and model appearances.

Albert ferraud, adjustable armchair, metalandfur, 72 u00d7 54.5 u00d7 98cm, 1932

Nowadays, fashion brands are communicating with the public through social media, delivering a more intuitive and clear image. Some inherit classics and constantly draw gorgeous picture albums, some are innovative and sometimes contain designers private goods In the final analysis, only those who are good at telling stories can grasp the hearts of consumers and never fade in the tide of fashion.

Editor, Wen Yanke

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