The most suitable 32 manicures with small skirts in summer

 The most suitable 32 manicures with small skirts in summer

Matching the beautiful new clothes

There must be a beautiful summer manicure

Hurry up and rush into the manicure shop with the picture~

Its also great for matching clothes

You can choose a brighter color in summer

Sister fast arrangement with simple dressing style

Elements like flower, lattice, wave point, etc

Cute summer manicure

If you want to be cool from head to toe, you cant let go of your nails

The most conservative cool way of manicure is black or black and white

Its definitely a classic. Its perfect for your cool clothes

There are many new pop elements this year

Its super beautiful. You can collect it

Leopard print, shell slice and all these are cocoa

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Well, todays sharing is here

I read a lot of news about the epidemic recently

You still need to wear a mask when you go out

I hope we all have a healthy and beautiful summer

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