Trumps slow down detection speech was criticized in spite of the rally held by the epidemic Office

 Trumps slow down detection speech was criticized in spite of the rally held by the epidemic Office

CNN reports that this is not the first time trump has tried to block virus detection in order to make data look good. On March 6, trump, after visiting the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in Atlanta, said he hoped that the tourists on the supreme Princess would not disembark from the ship. He did not want to double the number of confirmed cases due to one ship. In a meeting with Iowas governor on May 6, trump said, if you have fewer tests, you have fewer diagnoses. The more tests we have, the worse we will look. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on June 18, trump again stressed that detection is excessive.

Experts from the public health industry also condemned Trumps remarks. Its a disaster for millions of Americans who are infected but cant be tested. Unfortunately, its not a joke, said Dr. Ashish JHA, director of the Harvard Institute of global health Monday

Michael ostholm, director of the center for infectious disease research and policy at the University of Minnesota, said the epidemic was like a forest fire that might not go out, and was being exacerbated by the trump administrations lack of a unified and scientific strategy.

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Erin bromidge, an associate professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, questioned the rally itself. She believed that such a large-scale rally during the outbreak posed a great threat to the health of supporters and that the people present could put people around them at risk. The rally was a total bad idea.

On social networking sites, foreign netizens also lashed out at the comments.

He said the new coronavirus will magically disappear in the summer, when the number of cases and deaths will be less than the number of people wearing masks at his rally. But now the death toll is close to 120000. A kind of

We cant let this happen.

The outbreak has killed people and destroyed the economy, internships, jobs, families and communities. It didnt happen in a day. A kind of

Hes acknowledging that hes not only going to kill Americans, hes also going to fan the flames, encourage the spread of the virus and lead to more deaths How could anyone agree? A kind of

Now his staff say hes joking. Do you think we are all fools, that we havent seen what he has done for such a long time? A kind of

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