Tourists looking forward to 100000 yuan tax-free quota landing

 Tourists looking forward to 100000 yuan tax-free quota landing

? the prevention and control of the epidemic is not lax

At present, there are six direct flights from Shenzhen to Sanya. The reporter of Securities Daily flew to Sanya by Shenzhen Airlines on the afternoon of June 19.

This flight is a Boeing 737-800, which can hold 168 passengers in total. Except for more than 20 seats in the last few rows, it is full. A flight attendant surnamed Yang of Shenzhen Airlines told reporters, since entering April, there have been more passengers on this flight, especially on weekends, there are not many vacancies. The reporter saw on the flight manager app that the passenger rate of the flight on that day had exceeded 86%. According to the booking information, on June 24 before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the passenger rate of the flight even reached 97%.

Although there are many tourists in Sanya, the prevention and control of the epidemic has not been lax. All inbound and outbound passengers need to apply for Hainan health code in advance, airport staff told reporters. Only those with green code can pass. Reporters also check the green code and take temperature before they can pass smoothly.

The temperature in Sanya in June was over 30 degrees, and a heat wave came just after leaving the airport. Liu Shifu, the driver of the bus, told Securities Daily that this was his fifth order today. Before the epidemic, we received an average of seven or eight orders a day. Although it is not up to the level before the epidemic, it is slowly recovering. Its too hot now. There are not many people in the scenic spots, but there are many people in hotels and duty-free shops. Master Liu said.

? policies help the recovery of Tourism

Tourism is the pillar industry of Hainan Province, which was once in a state of suspension affected by the epidemic. At the end of February, Sanya tourist attraction began to resume business gradually. In order to stimulate tourism consumption, well-known scenic spots such as Tianya Haijiao have also formulated policies such as free or exclusive tickets and preferential tourism projects for national medical staff and local residents in Hainan. On March 22, Hainan Province issued the post epidemic revitalization plan of tourism industry in Hainan Province - 30 actions and measures to revitalize tourism industry (2020-2021) and other policies.

Under the guidance and promotion of a series of policies, Hainans tourism industry ushered in a recovery. According to the life service consumption recovery index of meituan Research Institute, by the end of May, the recovery rate of Hainan tourism merchants and consumption has reached 96.7% and 59.3% respectively, of which Sanya tourism consumption recovery rate has reached 55.5%.

The reporter of Securities Daily saw in the lobby of a wanghong hotel in Haitang bay that although it was not the peak time for check-in, they still had to line up. There are more than 1300 rooms in the hotel, basically full, the staff told reporters. There are still rooms available for Dragon Boat Festival, but the price will be higher than now. Another five-star hotel near Haitangwan duty free shopping center in Sanya also told reporters: there are more than 440 rooms in the hotel, with occupancy rate of more than 90%, and the weekend is basically full.

? tax free quota helps buy buy

The plan released on June 1 made it clear that the annual accumulative duty-free shopping limit for each passenger of Hainan Island was increased from 30000 yuan to 100000 yuan. This has ignited the enthusiasm of tourists for shopping. Although the policy has not been formally implemented, there are a large number of tourists who come to buy duty-free products.

The reporter of Securities Daily went to Haitangwan duty free shopping center in Sanya on the evening of June 20 and noon of June 21, respectively. The passenger flow was relatively large, especially for some international famous brands. Due to the introduction of the corresponding preferential discounts, there were many customers, and some stores even needed to line up for limited access.

Ms. Li, a tourist from Guangzhou, told the Securities Daily: I used to buy skin care products and cosmetics by the way when I was traveling abroad. This year, I couldnt go out because of the epidemic, and the price of duty-free products here in Sanya is very affordable, so I took the time specially, and I killed two birds with one stone when I went shopping.

Wang, who is queuing up to pay, told reporters: the quota of 30000 yuan is too small, and there are restrictions on the number of pieces. I hope that the policy of increasing the quota to 100000 yuan can be implemented earlier, so that I can buy boldly and safely.

Wang Feifei, deputy director of Sanya tourism and Culture Bureau, previously said: this adjustment is of great significance, and it is also another milestone since the implementation of the tax-free policy in 2011, which will further facilitate the shopping of passengers and meet the shopping needs of different consumers.

Zhou Shunbo, executive director of the New Economy Research Institute of China (Shenzhen) Institute of comprehensive development, told Securities Daily: the plan constitutes at least three substantial advantages for Hainan. The first is to attract domestic overseas Taoists to buy in Hainan and drive more tourists to gather; the second is to attract cross-border e-commerce to gather and Hainan bonded direct mail will develop rapidly; the third is to attract cross-border supply chain service enterprises to take Hainan as the hub to buy and sell globally. We look forward to the final implementation of relevant policies.

Source: Securities Daily Author: Zhao Lin editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF