120 points in his career! There are still defects in the milestone night of Ronaldo: free kick flying + single throw

 120 points in his career! There are still defects in the milestone night of Ronaldo: free kick flying + single throw

After losing the final of the Italian Cup, the news about the quarrel between Cristiano Cristiano and Sami was revealed. Meanwhile, the media pointed out that Cristiano Cristiano had clearly informed Sami that he would not play in the center position any more. At the press conference just before the match against Bologna, sari also told reporters that Ronaldo would not be the center again, and the left wing would be the first position of Ronaldo: I have been communicating with Ronaldo. I asked him to try to play in position 9 and he promised me that he would try to adapt. But at present, the effect is not very good. Ronaldo likes the left, which is understandable. He has scored 700 goals in this position. We have reached a consensus that dibala will be in the middle

In the game against Bologna, Ronaldo returned to the left wing position again, with dibala as the center and Costa as the right wing instead of the driver. Returning to the left wing, Ronaldo also burst into energy again. In the seventh minute of the opening, Ronaldo took the ball in the left side of the penalty area and cut it inside, then shot his right foot around the far corner, and the ball flew out of the baseline with the right post. In this game, Ronaldo has four shooting opportunities in sports, and these four shots are all in the left half area near the forbidden area, which can also be seen that Ronaldo is strong on the left side.

Not only that, Ronaldo can create opportunities for his teammates on the left. In the 40th minute of the game, Cristiano Ronaldos left foot pass after forced passing through the left side of the forbidden area was very accurate to find the defenceless dibala. Only because of the error of dibalas shooting did he not get the goal. The pass launched by Cristiano Ronaldos left side was perfect in both angle strength and arc.

Ronaldos goal took place in the 23rd minute. He sent in the penalty won by delicht. This goal also ended Ronaldos four game shortage (two before and two after suspension). At the same time, the goal made Ronaldo 22 Serie A goals this season, surpassing the 21 goals of last season, and successfully broke his Serie A single season goal record. In addition, Ronaldo, who scored 43 Serie A goals, also surpassed ruicostas 42 Serie A goals, becoming the Portuguese who scored the most goals in Serie A. In addition, this penalty is also the 120th penalty in Ronaldos career and the 16th penalty in his Juve career. In Serie A this season, Cristiano Ronaldo scored eight penalties, scoring 100% on penalties.

Ronaldo returned to the left wing to play well, scoring goals to end the shortage, and even set a record. But only from the competitive state, Ronaldo is far from reaching his peak. In the 17th minute of the first half of the match, Cristiano sent a free kick from the left corner of the forbidden area. Cristiano directly shot the free kick. The ball was played very high. Since the president scored the free kick against Spain in the 2018 World Cup, he still didnt score the free kick again. At the same time, after joining Juve, the free kick score was zero. In the second half of the match, Juve got a free kick near the top of the forbidden area. Ronaldo may have given the penalty to Piazzi for fear of making a fool of himself again.

Not only that, in the second half of the match, Ronaldo received a skewed plug from the driver and got a single shot. In the peak period, Ronaldo would not miss such an opportunity, but Ronaldos shot from the outside instep in the forbidden area was skewed. Its hard to break the magic spell of free kick and throw a single goal. Now its a false proposition to say that Ronaldo is back to the top. But it is undeniable that after returning to the left wing position, Ronaldos competitive condition has been greatly improved, which is a blessing for Juve.

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