How about eating zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival? Three kinds of people should be careful

 How about eating zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival? Three kinds of people should be careful

Zongzi often contains dates, red dates and bean paste with high sugar content. People usually add sugar when they eat them. If not controlled, it will damage the function of islets of Langerhans, cause the rapid rise of blood sugar and urine sugar, aggravate the disease, and even cause coma. Even without sugar, the rice noodles made of zongzi will decompose into glucose after digestion. Therefore, diabetic patients should be careful.

Patients with stomach and intestinal diseases

The main ingredient of zongzi is glutinous rice, which is not easy to digest. After steaming, it will release a kind of colloidal substance. After eating, it will increase the digestive enzyme load, and its nature is warm and stagnant. Excessive consumption will increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, and easily lead to the recurrence of old diseases in patients with chronic gastritis and esophagitis. If people suffering from gastric and duodenal ulcer are greedy for zongzi, it is likely to cause perforation and bleeding of ulcer and aggravate the disease.

The meat zongzi and lard bean paste zongzi contain a lot of fat, which belongs to greasy food. People with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease eat more, which can increase blood viscosity, affect blood circulation, increase heart burden and degree of ischemia, and induce angina and myocardial infarction.

Around the Dragon Boat Festival, it is the heat, many people buy zongzi, choose to steam and cool. In this regard, Yuan Changjin said that zongzi should be eaten while hot, and zongzi with fat, meat and egg yolk should not be eaten cold, especially for people with poor digestion. Some glutinous rice with poor quality will harden after cold storage. The aging and regeneration of rice dumplings is more obvious after cold storage, which is not good for digestion. If it is not just cooked zongzi, it is better to reheat and steam it before eating, which can not only avoid bacteria exceeding the standard, but also help digestion.

Avoid eating zongzi on an empty stomach

Some people eat Zongzi as breakfast or at night, so the glutinous rice will stay in the stomach for a long time, stimulating the secretion of gastric acid, which may lead to the recurrence of chronic gastritis and esophagitis. Zongzi is high viscosity, hard to digest, lack of fiber, and contains too much fat, salt and sugar. Yuan Changjin suggested that you should not eat Zongzi two hours before going to bed.

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