Guan Xuan! Apple will abandon Intel chips and IOS 14 and other highlights

 Guan Xuan! Apple will abandon Intel chips and IOS 14 and other highlights

Apple also announced that the future Mac will use self-developed chips instead of Intel chips. Apple said the shift would give its laptops and desktops faster performance. The first MAC computers with apple chips will be released by the end of this year.

Before the show, Tim Cook, Apples chief executive, talked about the current anti racist protests and about Apples $100 million plan to fight racism.

Apple Mac will abandon Intel chip

Apple said that the chip designed by Apple will be used in the future Mac. Apple has been using Intel chips on its MAC for the past 15 years. Cook said it was a huge leap forward and that chips being designed for Macs could provide higher performance while saving power.

Apple currently uses its chips on its iPhones, iPads, applewatch and AppleTV, and says it has sold more than two billion chips so far. The Mac with Apples own chip will be able to run iPhone and iPad software.

Cook said Apple will launch the first MAC computers with self-developed chips by the end of this year, with a transition period of about two years.


The latest version of the IOS 14 mobile operating system has made great changes to the IOS main screen. For the first time, you can set the default email and browser.

In IOS 14, users can fix the widget with update information on the main screen. Previously, users could only place apps on the iPhone home screen. Now users can drag widgets onto the iPhone home screen. Users can download new widgets from the widget library. Apple has also launched a widget that uses artificial intelligence to predict what data users want to see.

Small components in IOS 14

Apple also added new features to the messages app, including the reference feature, a new memoji (wearing a mask) and a new mass messaging interface.

IOS 14 also introduces the picture in picture feature, which enables videos to float on top of other applications. Apple said developers can download the new IOS this week and will release a public beta in July.

Translation application

Applecarplay and digital car key

IOS 14 and IOS 13 will allow some cars to be unlocked with iPhone

The biggest update is the IOS 14 and IOS 13 digital car keys, which allow users to unlock the car and start it with a mobile phone. Apple said the first car to support the feature was the 2021 BMW 5-series, which will be released next month.

You can share the key through IMessage, or you can disable the key remotely through icloud.

Apple said it was working with industry groups to develop standards to extend the feature to more cars.


Apple said airpods will now automatically switch from iPhone to computer when needed. Currently, if users need to switch between different apple devices when using airpods, they need to turn on Bluetooth settings.

Airpods will automatically switch between devices

Airpodspro can also support virtual surround sound by measuring whether your head or device is moving.

Apple Watch

The latest version of applewatch software uses a machine learning model that senses night time movement to track how users sleep. It includes a function that enables users to go to bed, and a new alarm function that enables users to wake up gently.

Sleep data will be graphical and analyzed within the applehealth application.

Apple has also added some new features to its apple watch software that can be displayed directly on the watchs interface. Apple renamed its workout app fitness and added dance capabilities.

The latest version of applewatch software will allow users to share their dials. The new software will also include a hand washing timer for the first time and will be available in a public beta in July.