Perspiration also has knowledge! Teach you nine kinds of abnormal sweating

 Perspiration also has knowledge! Teach you nine kinds of abnormal sweating

2. Night sweat: perspire when sleeping, and it will stop when waking up. It is often found that the skin is wet with sweat beads, or the sheets and clothes are wet with perspiration.

3. Yellow perspiration: the perspiration is yellow, which is easy to be stained with clothes, especially in the armpit. Yellow sweat can be seen in patients with jaundice, but also in patients without obvious jaundice.

5. Forehead sweat: regardless of the temperature, only the forehead sweats.

6. Half body perspiration: perspiration is only on one side of the body. It is often seen in patients with muscle atrophy, stroke and paraplegia. Perspiration is common on the healthy side. The half body without perspiration is often the pathological part.

7. Palms and feet sweat: palms and soles often sweat.

8. Chest perspiration: perspiration in front of chest.

9. Yin perspiration: there is often wet perspiration in the front Yin, and the inner side of the thigh root is also wet when it is serious.

Sweat syndrome is the abnormal excretion of sweat caused by the imbalance of yin and Yang and the abnormal opening and closing function of the muscle surface. The main causes are deficiency of body, cold and wind, weakness of the body at the beginning of a serious disease, over anxiety, bad mood, preference for spicy food, etc. when the symptoms are serious, it may disturb our daily life.

So for abnormal sweating, we have the following suggestions:

1. Strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, eat less spicy and hot food, do not drink alcohol, increase high protein food moderately, increase immunity, avoid over thinking, keep a happy mood, and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

2. Bedding, planking, pajamas, etc. should be removed and washed or dried frequently to keep dry, and should be bathed frequently to reduce the stimulation of sweat on the skin. After sweating, you should dry your sweat and change your underwear to avoid cold.

3. The reasons for sweating are different due to different physique. We should not blindly control, let alone be limited to the saying that self sweating belongs to Yang deficiency, night sweating belongs to yin deficiency. If we randomly supplement food or medicine, it is better to apply medicine and diet according to people.

4. Hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, acromegaly, pheochromocytoma and other diseases can lead to secondary hyperhidrosis. Timely medical treatment for the cause of the disease is effective.

Wu Yanxia, director of the geriatric department of the first hospital of Wuhan City, has carried out scientific check.

Source: Geng Yiwen, editor in charge of peoples network_ NJ6040