Mourner announced the end of 33 years of retirement: I have no regrets

 Mourner announced the end of 33 years of retirement: I have no regrets

Mourner was born on March 24, 1965 under the name of mark William Calaway. At the age of 23, he suddenly fell in love with wrestling and decided to give up his stable job to become a professional wrestler.

Before joining the WWW in October 1990, mourner briefly worked in WCW. In November 1990, he made his first appearance in the survivor contest, which was also his first WWE show. In wwe30, the dark image of mourner has always been the symbol of the devil.

As the greatest legend of WWE, mourner once created an unbeaten record of 21-0 in wrestling fanaticism, to be honest, this unbeaten record is actually good for me, who only appears once a year, because I have to defend this record every year.

Mourner competition is a classic, each one is unique. His unique moves include dark suppression, headstones, throat lock, final journey, the gate of hell, golden hook and so on. Different from other wrestlers, mourner will put his opponents hands on his chest (meaning to mourn for his opponent) when he suppresses his opponent, and hold up his upper body in a posture similar to that of the upper four sides of judo, as a rule, to demonstrate by rolling his eyes with signs and spitting his tongue.

In 2017, after the 33rd wrestle mania was defeated by Roman Raines, the mourner faded out of the arena. In WWEs final journey documentary series, he revealed some inner thoughts at the end of his career.

I dont usually talk to the public about my personal affairs, but what I have experienced. Ive always been a tough guy, but whats the matter now? In the documentary, mourner joked that everyone now calls him Santa Claus, because he only appears once a year. At this stage of my career, I have been thinking, can I really work with these young people? I know I cant be at my best anymore, but Ive been thinking about how to do my best.

The fifth and final issue of the final journey released today, and the mourner personally announced the decision to retire at the end of the program. WWE immediately sent a message thank you, mourner to confirm the news.

Mourner said in the documentary that he loved the industry and respected it, I always wanted to be a wrestler. If you want to ask me if I had ever imagined that this character could be so successful, so prosperous, the answer is absolutely unexpected.

When announcing his retirement, the mourner once choked, saying that if wweceo needed it, he might reappear, but considering the stage of his life now, he had no desire to return to the arena. I feel a bit uncomfortable now, I am at a node of my life. This time, cowboys are really going to disappear in the sunset. I have no regrets. Believe me, this is the best way for me to end my career.

Despite the announcement of retirement from the arena, a 15 year contract between the mourner and WWE is far from over. In the future, he may change his identity and continue to appear in all corners of WWE.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Lu Ting_ NS5242