Serie A - Cristiano made 4 goals, leibichleo broke the goal, Milan beat Lecce 4-1

 Serie A - Cristiano made 4 goals, leibichleo broke the goal, Milan beat Lecce 4-1

26 minutes in front of the right side of chaerhanolu, castilekho stabbed in front of the small restricted area. 0-1, Milan take the lead away. In 37 minutes Lecce player micarello shot hard from the right side of the penalty area, but the ball was blown off due to centimeter offside. Kyar left the field in 40 minutes because of injury, and Gambia came on as a substitute. Gabriel made a long pass in stoppage time, and Gabriel shot low through the gate in the forbidden area.

Lecce got a penalty in 53 minutes. Gabriel knocked down Babacar in the penalty area. Manksu finished in one move, 1-1.

Two minutes later, AC Milan went beyond the score again. Before charganolu went in, the long-range shot was saved. Bonaventura shot in close range and the score changed to 1-2.

In 58 minutes, chaerhanolu made a long-distance direct pass in the backcourt, and leibicci pushed a single shot to break the goal. AC Milan led 3-1.

In 72 minutes, chaerhanolu scored from the left side, and conti crossed the middle from the right side of the penalty area. The substitute Leon headed the ball. Finally, AC Milan won over Lecce 4-1, ushering in the start of the League after the second round.

Lecce (4-3-1-2): 21 Gabriel / 27 Calderoni, 16 meccalello, 5 lujoni, 29 rispril / 8 mankesu (8711 shahov), 77 tasitesidis, 4 petricone, / 18 saponara (873-villa) / 9 rapadola (4630-babacar), 10 Falk

AC Milan (4-2-3-1): 99 donoruma / 19 Teo, 13 romanioli, 24 kear (4046-gambia), 12 conti / 4 benassel, 79 Casey (8739-paquetta) / 10 charganolu, 5 Bonaventura (8620-biglia), 7 castilejo (6856-salmarcos) / 18 Rebic (6817-leon)

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