Apples 2020wwdc family bucket upgrade is the most concerned

 Apples 2020wwdc family bucket upgrade is the most concerned

Apples first online WWDC opened at 1 a.m. Beijing time.

The same jobs theater, different WWDC. The spotlight, rows of seats, open theater, dark long sleeve T-shirt, dark pants, Apple CEO cook came from the side of the stage and gave an opening speech of technology integration of Humanities and art.

Although WWDC has been online for the first time in 33 years due to the epidemic (for us in the eastern hemisphere, it has always been online), it is Apples largest global developer conference so far, and more than 23 million developers in the global Apple community can participate online.

In terms of content, Apple should take the form of recording and broadcasting, which was exclaimed by netizens as terrifying high quality.

In one hour and 48 minutes, Apple introduced five new OS upgrades: IOS 14 added Android functions such as small components and picture in picture, and apple version of the app officially took heart; iPad OS 14 became more and more like Mac OS, becoming a productivity tool, and apple pencil brought a big surprise; watchos 7s sleep monitoring function arrived as scheduled, and just needed for the epidemic: hand washing monitoring function; MAC OS interface more like IOS, SA Fari has a major upgrade.

Apple OS family bucket upgrade

1. The first one is IOS (not iPhone OS).

The first is the app resource base. The homepage app is automatically classified and can be searched with one click to realize more convenient and simple browsing.

There is no unexpected widget, which supports different sizes of home page customization, and you can see what content is included by sliding, which is more beautiful and rich.

It is worth mentioning that Apples picture in picture function, that is, Androids small window mode, can switch freely with other apps. In the future, Apples mobile phone will be able to watch videos and perform other operations like Androids. Its no wonder that netizens lamented: Android tastes more and more strong..

Another important update is appclips, which can be used for quick payment through Safari, map or NFC and scanning to quickly open specific functions in the app. By netizens tease wechat applet, apple version of the applet.

2. IPad OS, apple pencil is a surprise.

In the new version of the system, apple pencil has brought a lot of surprises. In any input window, applepecil can be directly used for scribbling, and the content can be automatically recognized and directly converted to text.

Watchos7 has more kinds of new dials, supports the function of sharing dials, and adds a variety of dance, core training and other modes to exercise. Support sleep tracking, sleep support and other functions.

More importantly, the automatic monitoring of hand washing function is updated in watchos7, which can tell the cleaning duration by countdown, and remind whether the hand washing time is up to standard by vibration. It can be said that the epidemic is just needed.

4. Tvos, easier to use, more smart home.

5. MacOS, new name bigsur.

Mac OS brings a new UI, a new control center, and a visual sense closer to IOS and iPad OS.

In addition, MAC osbigsur brings Safari the biggest update ever. According to reports, after the update, the JavaScript performance of safari has been greatly improved, and the page loading speed is 50% faster than that of chrome. In terms of privacy, Safari gives users more transparency, and also monitors the passwords stored by users to remind them of the possibility of password disclosure.

In addition, Safaris extended capabilities have been enhanced and more personalization options have been added.

In general, Apples five major OS start to have you in me, I have you in me, more and more alike.

After the software Carnival, cook came to power again and announced the fourth historic moment of Apple Mac: the migration of Apples self-developed chips.

Mr Cook said there had been three major revolutions in the MAC: PowerPC, Mac OS X and moving to Intel chips. This time, Apple will take another step forward and launch its own chip: Apple silicon.

For Mac self-developed chips, in terms of naming, apple continues the letter a of iPhone and iPad: a12z.

Its nothing new for apple to develop its own chips. As early as 2010 on the iPhone 4, apple adopted the first generation of self-developed chip A4. Until September 2019, when the A13 bionic chip of iPhone 11 series was installed, Apple has launched seven generations of self-developed chips, and the chip performance is getting stronger and stronger. According to media evaluation, its performance has even surpassed that of PC chip.

Apple, which has a strong research and development of its own chip genes, is also taking Mike Filippo, the processor giant, under its wing in 2019. As you know, Mike Filippo is not only the chief architect of arm, but also the chief architect of Intel before joining arm.

It can be said that on the way to Intel, Apple has been preparing for a long time.

Now, 15 years later, Intels toothpaste squeeze has inspired the possibility of Apples self-developed chip.

In addition to the cost reduction mentioned above, self-developed chips can also achieve more product differentiation, especially Apples iPhone and iPad have already launched self-developed chips based on arm, which will help Apple further improve the ecosystem.

Cook also said that a new Mac with Apples self-developed chip will be launched by the end of this year, and Apple will take two years to transition to self-developed chip.

Guo predicts that from 2021, all new Macs will be equipped with Apples self-developed processors.

I believe that the self-developed processor based on ARM architecture will not lose the performance of Intel, but we need to remind that how to quickly achieve the problem of adaptation and compatibility will be the problem Apple needs to solve (Apple has started to solve this problem).

Potential crisis: developers dissatisfaction

Not only that, Apple also requires developers to develop applications for its latest platform, including the Macs bottom layer, for a complete transformation.

You know, one of the things that Apple has been very successful is its business model. Depending on the product category, Apples app store will draw 15-30% of the purchase or subscription share, which can bring more than $1 billion to apple every month.

According to Apples public information, consumers and advertisers spent more than $500 billion on Apples apps in 2019. The app store has also become one of Apples most important services, contributing more than $46 billion in revenue to apple in 2019, accounting for about 18% of the companys total revenue.

Apple didnt mention relevant matters this time, but it is a big hidden danger for apple, especially when it has attracted the attention of EU anti-monopoly agencies.

It is understood that on June 16 this year, EU antitrust authorities launched two investigations on the app store and apple payment, saying that some of the restrictions imposed by Apple may violate EU competition rules.

The European Commission said a survey would examine the mandatory use of Apples proprietary in app purchase system, as well as restrictions on developers ability to inform users of cheaper purchase channels outside the app.

How to resolve this crisis is also a top priority for apple.

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