Australian diving back wave

 Australian diving back wave

At 9 a.m. Australian time, Gini, wearing a T-shirt printed with cartoon patterns, sat on the sofa in the living room of his home and gave an interview on time. The first sister of Australian diving, the king of difficulty of world womens springboard, has achieved far more in diving than she did a year ago.

A screenshot of Gini in the interview video call

Icing on cake means icing on the cake. After winning the bronze medal of womens three meter board, she and her partner won another gold medal in the mixed doubles three meter board event. There is also a small episode behind the gold medal. On the morning of the mixed doubles 3M board final, Ginis original partner, domonic bedggood, suddenly withdrew, and the Australian diving team had to temporarily change its personnel.

Unexpectedly, the new partners performance exceeded expectations.

Gini and his partner embrace each other after the game.

The difficult movements make up for the gap between Gini and Chinese players in movement details and make her more competitive and advantageous in the competition. At the same time, Gini said that the purpose of training high-level movements is to make diving a breakthrough and create more possibilities for the competition.

High difficulty also means high risk, but I wont stop there.

In 2015 Kazan World Championships, the last jump of the final of Ginis one meter board into the water

She described it as anxious leg weakness: the feeling of training is like walking normally. You dont have to think about every step and you wont fall. And in the game, I walk like I am, I step on the air inexplicably, and all the movements are disorderly in a moment.

This moment became the last scene in Ginis diving career

In addition to adjusting his mentality, Gini also worked harder to train. In the process of training, I have failed many times, and I have been in ups and downs, and I have paid a lot of energy and time. All the effort and suffering is to make that moment of the game more perfect. Maybe a lot of sacrifices will be made, but in the end it seems that everything is worth it.

In Ginis mind, subduing the soft legged monster is a testament to her growing strength.

Ginis dolls are all over a wall

Among the many Baoke dream characters, Gini likes a little monster named slowing. In the cartoon, it belongs to the water monster, with the approachable character and super high intelligence, always keep calm and good attitude in the face of difficulties. It has to be said that Gini and this little monster are quite similar in attribute skills.

Open the way of multi life

Good employees like Gini are not common. She has great technical experience and understanding ability, and also has a high achievement in another field. To do this, we need a strong sense of motivation and responsibility. Charles pizatto, executive general manager of Suncorps IT infrastructure department, spoke highly of Gini in the video cheering on Keeney on Suncorps tubing channel.

Gini and Charles pizatto, executive general manager of IT infrastructure

It may be concluded that Ginis work is not directly related to money, but a large amount of online money will be successfully traded through the system designed by her and her team.

Gini at work

In addition to diving and work, games are an important part of Ginis daily life.

In an interview last year, Gini said shyly that he met a boy through playing games, but he was in a state of unrequited love for the time being, not a boyfriend. This time, she confessed, yes, now hes my boyfriend.

According to the popular saying, Gini is a treasure girl

I miss the Chinese diving teams friends very much. I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible. Goodbye! She waved to the screen and smiled kindly.

This houlang youth may really bring big trouble to Chinas diving! Source: Netease sports manuscript editor: Lu Ting_ NS5242

This houlang youth may really bring big trouble to Chinas diving!