Sure! Apple computer will use self-developed chips to break a new high of $360

 Sure! Apple computer will use self-developed chips to break a new high of $360

The Dow Jones index rose 153.50, or 0.59%, to 26024.96; the standard & Poors 500 index rose 0.65%, to 3117.86; and the Nasdaq composite index rose 1.11%, to a record high, to 10056.47.

In Friday trading in US stocks, most of the leading technology stocks rose, with Apples share price rising 2.62% to $358.87; alphabet, Googles parent company, rose 1.41% to $1451.86; Amazon, up 1.45% to $2713.82; Microsoft, up 2.78% to $200.57; Facebook, up 0.18% to $239.22; Oracle, up 1.32% to $55.12; IBM, up 1.32% to close At $121.07, it was down 1.14%; Netflix was up 3.16% at $468.04; Tesla was down 0.66% at $994.32; twitter was up 0.18%, Uber was up 1.18%; LYFT was down 1.64%.

Chip leaders in US stocks generally rose, with Intel up 0.79% to $60.09, NVIDIA up 2.87% to $381.07, Broadcom up 3.56% to $313.54, Texas Instruments up 0.28% to $125.23, Qualcomm up 0.36% to $89.13, amd up 0.98% to $54.76, micron technology up 0.63%, and application materials companies up 0.53%.

Most of the major Chinese stocks listed in the US fell, with Netease closing at $418.20, up 1.21%; Alibaba closing at $221.41, up 0.35%; Jingdong closing at $59.09, up 0.77%; Baidu closing at $123.08, up 0.00%; pinduoduo closing at $81.79, down 6.61%; bilibilibili closing at $42.89, down 4.09%; tal closing at $66.76, down 0.43%; Iqiyi closed at $24.27, down 0.78%; learn from who, down 2.94%; Weibo, down 2.81%; Sina, down 0.45%; Sohu, down 0.53%; Sogou, down 1.84%; Ctrip, up 1.12%; 51job, down 2.16%; Auto home, down 1.27%; 58 city, down 0.42%; Yulai, up 1.23%; jinshanyun, up 2.25%; Ruixing coffee, down 16.75%.

Apples share price rose more than 2% to a record high after a series of announcements at the 2020 global Developers Conference. The tech giant released the latest version of its mobile operating system, IOS, and said the new Mac will no longer use Intel chips, but Apples own chips.

But novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the US and other parts of the world continue to increase, raising questions about the global economic recovery.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, more than 30000 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in the United States last Friday, the highest number of confirmed cases since May 1. Nevada, Florida, California and Arizona all reported a record number of one-day diagnoses.

The recent outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in some US states has led to the closure of some stores by Apple Corp. At the same time, the International Cruise Association (CLIA) today announced that cruise companies voluntarily suspended their cruises in U.S. ports until September 15, 2020.

Theres a war going on between the bulls and the bears, and both sides are grabbing every tiny data point to support their arguments, said one analyst

Since hitting an intraday low on March 23, the index has risen more than 42%. In the quarter, the benchmark index rose nearly 20%. (Liu Chun)

Extended reading of IOS 14 is more like Android! Apple is really concerned about user demand this time. Softbank will sell 198 million T-Mobile shares worth 21 billion dollars. Tesla China user data and certification services will be moved to China. Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report_ NBJ11279