Tesla China user data and certification services will move to China

 Tesla China user data and certification services will move to China

According to the May sales data of China Federation of riders, the sales volume of domestic Tesla Model 3 last month reached 11095 units, ranking first in the monthly sales list of domestic new energy vehicles. From January to April, there were 6951 cars on the market, 5783 ideal cars, 3565 Xiaopeng cars, 3284 Weima cars and 2613 Nezha cars. Industry insiders said that at present, Teslas unique situation in Chinas new energy vehicle market is very obvious.

However, novel coronavirus pneumonia and other factors, Teslas market situation in its base camp is not optimistic. According to relevant data, Tesla delivered 6260 cars in California in April, while sales in California fell sharply in May, delivering only 1447.

For Tesla, the Chinese market, which sold more than 10000 yuan a month, undoubtedly shows more and more importance. At present, the key to Teslas rise and fall is still the rebound in sales in China, said Dan ives, an analyst at wedbush securities in a report to clients. This is critical to the companys overall goal of delivering 1 million electric vehicles a year in a few years.

In this context, Teslas strategy in China is also changing. Tesla China user data and certification services will be migrated from the United States to China, that is, servers will be moved to China, so as to solve problems such as unstable connection of Tesla app.

In response to this initiative, Tesla China has started to collect feedback from car owners in the Chinese market and synchronize Teslas next plans, and is recruiting a series of it operation and maintenance personnel, including senior network engineer, data center engineer, storage engineer, database engineer, etc.

According to senior automotive analyst Mei Songlin, Teslas initiative to migrate Chinese user data has multiple considerations. On the one hand, the server is located in China, which can better serve local customers, improve service response speed and reliability, and solve practical problems such as unstable connection of Tesla app; on the other hand, Chinese user data is also sensitive data in a sense, so it is more appropriate to migrate to China.

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