Inland river sand ships illegally engage in shipping for 7 months, resulting in 89 deaths and missing.

 Inland river sand ships illegally engage in shipping for 7 months, resulting in 89 deaths and missing.

According to the introduction, the illegal shipping of inland ships has become an important factor affecting the stability of the current water traffic safety situation, and the sand and stone transport ship is a prominent representative. Statistics show that in 1-7 months of 2018, there were 36 deaths and disappearances, 89 deaths and 16 sunken ships, which accounted for 34.3%, 62.7% and 33.3% of the general rank and above, the number of dead and the ships ships, which accounted for the highest proportion of deaths. .

According to the Ministry of transportation, the Ministry of transportation, the Ministry of transportation, attaches great importance to the illegal conduct of inland ships in the management of maritime transport. It requires severe combat against illegal acts, fundamentally eliminating unsafe factors and taking practical measures, starting with the sand and stone market, shipping companies, ships and seafarers and so on, and doing the safety control and control in the past. In accordance with the requirements, various maritime agencies have made positive and beneficial exploration and attempts, especially in Ningbo and Taizhou, Zhejiang Province.

During the meeting, the representatives of the two municipal governments and the maritime agencies introduced the relevant situation and shared the successful experience and practice during the meeting, one is to adhere to the local government, to form a multi departmental linkage, to change the single fight as the group operations comprehensive governance pattern; two is to adhere to the development and innovation, to explore and form respectively. The five dimensional governance model of Ningbo and the 3+1 mode of administrative punishment, illegal transfer, administrative coercion and dismantling was used in comprehensive administration, law enforcement, science and technology, judicature and comprehensive treatment. The three was to adhere to the combination of specimen, treatment and obstruction. On the one hand, the black-and-white list system was established, the shipowners and the crew were responsible. Credit information into the local credit system, the implementation of joint punishment, on the other hand, the active study of dredging measures, through the cultivation of effective maritime transportation, reduce the operating costs of legitimate sea ships, guide regular sea ships to participate in sand transportation.

On the basis of summing up the experience of the two places, the meeting deployed the maritime system to deepen the illegal management of inland river vessels engaged in maritime transport. First, we should expand the depth of cooperation between government departments. Taking full advantage of the opportunity of the current state governing the illegal entry of sea sand into the special action of the building market, under the framework of multi ministries and multi sector cooperation, the cooperation mechanism between departments should be promoted to form a joint governance pattern of government leadership, department cooperation and enterprise responsibility. Two, we should strengthen the governance of the source. We should promote comprehensive management, focus on the source of loading and unloading, and control the source of ships. Three we should highlight the intensity of punishment by law. To study and evaluate the relevant standards for maritime law enforcement procedures and to further optimize and improve the procedures for the establishment of a systematic disciplinary operation system for the inspection, disposal, repatriation and criminal transfer of ships illegally engaged in the marine transportation. Four to expand the breadth of comprehensive governance. To strengthen the integrity management, study and establish a blacklist of the responsible subject of the illegal ship of inland ships engaged in the transportation of sand and gravel, and bring the credit information of the ships captain, the company and the shipowner, and the credit information of the parties against the law enforcement and the evasion of the accident into the credit platform of the governments at all levels, and build a joint disciplinary mechanism to give full play to the industry and commerce, The role of Finance and insurance departments, from the market access, financing insurance, high-end consumption and other dimensions and angles to increase the sanctions, to form a continuous constraint on illegal operators, forcing the inland ship owners to give up illegal operation and create a fair and reasonable market environment. Source: cover news editor: Qian Yue Xiao _NBJ10675