Chongqing Qijiang super historical flood: the second floor of residential buildings flooded, causing disaster to 43000 people

 Chongqing Qijiang super historical flood: the second floor of residential buildings flooded, causing disaster to 43000 people

Chongqing hydrological monitoring station issued a red flood warning at noon on the 22nd, saying that due to the impact of rainfall, Chongqing section of the Qijiang River Basin will have a super historical flood. This is the first time that Chongqing hydrological monitoring station has issued red flood warning for Chongqing section of Qijiang River Basin since its establishment in 1940.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, the flood peak crossed the Qijiang River in Chongqing, exceeding the guaranteed water level by nearly 5 meters. Reporters in the Qijiang District saw that the city across the Qijiang bridge has been guarded by police, prohibit the passage of people and vehicles, along both sides of the river have also pulled up the cordon, police, community staff to maintain order on the side. Many roads along the river were flooded, and the rising river water continued to pour into residential buildings along the river.

In caiba community, Wenlong street, which is seriously flooded by flood in Qijiang City, the flood has flooded the second floor of residential buildings beside the river, and only the top lights on Binjiang Road are exposed to the water. A number of people who watched the flood along the river told reporters that it was the largest local flood since 1998.

When the reporter arrived at Nanzhou primary school near the river in Qijiang District, the whole campus had been soaked in the flood, and the water level had reached the basket position of the basketball rack in the playground. In the open space not far away, several tents with the words disaster relief have been installed and arranged in turn. Liu Shiqun, director of the community where Nanzhou primary school is located, told reporters that after receiving the notice at 9:00, the community began to evacuate the masses and school students door-to-door, and helped merchants transfer property and materials, transferring and resettling more than 3000 people.

The flood affected 521.6 hectares of crops in Qijiang District, with a total area of 269.7 hectares and a total area of 70.1 hectares. There were 19 households and 38 agricultural houses collapsed in Qijiang District, 15 households and 22 Agricultural houses were seriously damaged, and 57 households and 117 agricultural houses were generally damaged. The direct loss amounted to 42.2 million yuan (RMB, the same below), including 8.33 million yuan for agriculture, 5.82 million yuan for industrial and mining enterprises, and 12.14 million yuan for infrastructure, The loss of public welfare facilities reached 2.22 million yuan, and the loss of family property reached 12.88 million yuan.

At present, the local disaster relief work is proceeding in an orderly manner.

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