The United States has set up a five-star red flag at the negotiation table without the consent of the Chinese side

 The United States has set up a five-star red flag at the negotiation table without the consent of the Chinese side

(screenshot from Marshall Billingsleys personal social account)

At that time, Hua Chunying also said, we have noticed that the United States has repeatedly talked about China on the extension of the Treaty on measures to further reduce and limit strategic offensive weapons between the United States and Russia, which is a consistent tactic of the United States to shirk its responsibility to other countries.

But Billingsley of the US side had already started his touch porcelain performance at that time. He first announced in a June 10 post that although China would not come, the negotiation seat in Vienna will still wait for China, thus setting up a target of Chinas participation.

Now, with todays U.S. - Russian talks, the U.S. governments arms control representative has directed himself to shoot at the target he made up himself before, posting a complaint that we dont come to the meeting, and then slandering us as hiding behind the long city secretly developing nuclear weapons.

The official account number of the permanent mission of China to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna also satirized: this is the behavior art of the United States?

Even a Reuters reporter couldnt go on, saying the photos released by Billingsley, the US arms control representative, were groundless and extremely misleading..

However, anti Chinese elements outside China are trying their best to help the U.S. government and follow the U.S. government to smear China. A reporter from VOA, the official publicity media of the United States, also claimed absurdly in Chinese that officials of the State Department of the United States had confirmed that China had not participated in the disarmament negotiations held in Vienna, but was that how it was used?

In response, the military control department of the Ministry of foreign affairs quoted Russian media in its official account on the microblog platform as saying that this was because the US approach was opposed by Russian personnel and the Chinese flag was removed. But before withdrawing, the US side took the photo of chicken thief.

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