New IOS features: wireless car unlocking, iPhone can be the car key

 New IOS features: wireless car unlocking, iPhone can be the car key

In the current situation, once a user pairs an iPhone or apple watch with a carkey enabled car, they can unlock the car by simply bringing the Apple device near the cars NFC near the door handle. Before unlocking the car, the user needs to use face ID or fingerprint ID for authentication, and can also set fast mode to skip biometric authentication. Users can also share access rights with others through IMessage. Apple said that IOS 13 system will also achieve this function.

Other automakers have provided digital keys with similar functions, but they are often independent applications that are not directly embedded in Apples operating system. Apples carkey also allows users to store digital keys to multiple cars.

The current CarKey may use the latest digital key 2 specification of the CarConnectivityConsortium. The specification was officially finalized in May, which utilizes near-field communication technology between smart phones and vehicles, and supports scalable architecture, aiming at reducing costs and large-scale application. Sk Yong, Apples wireless technology and ecosystem manager, is also a member of the automotive connectivity alliance. (Chenchen)

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