More than one hundred routes, 2999 yuan, flying indefinitely. Is this wave of wool worth collecting

 More than one hundred routes, 2999 yuan, flying indefinitely. Is this wave of wool worth collecting

Maybe with the successful case of China Eastern Airlines, China Airlines has recently launched an unlimited set of tickets at a price of 2999 yuan / person. Huaxia Airlines has more than 100 domestic routes, which can be used as long as they are self operated; the number of times is unlimited, and the time is not limited to weekends, which is valid until October 24 (inclusive), except during the national day.

So, which is more cost-effective than the two? Is this wave of wool worth collecting? The express reporter will tell you.

China Airlines and China Eastern

Huaxia Airlines: unlimited flight packages throughout the country, from now until October 24 (except from September 28 to October 10), more than 100 routes, unlimited flight rights and interests. The price is 2999 yuan. Some reference destination cities: Chongqing, Haikou, Lijiang, Changsha, Yangzhou, Yinchuan, Zhuhai, Guiyang, Fuzhou, Lanzhou, Dalian.

China Eastern Airlines: unlimited flights and domestic flights at weekends, valid until December 31. The original plan was limited to 618, which sold out in 4 hours, and the purchase page crashed. Later, China Eastern announced that it would launch the product again. The price is 3322 yuan. Some reference destination cities: Chengdu, Kunming, Lijiang, Xian, Qingdao, Qingdao, Taiyuan, Shenzhen, Changbai Mountain, Dunhuang, Urumqi.

The advantage of China Eastern lies in its abundant routes and long validity period. For example, if you want to have an in-depth tour of Xinjiang, its cost-effective to go on Saturday and return next Saturday or Sunday. Because its possible that the cash purchase of the ticket itself will cost about two or three thousand yuan, and the route of China Eastern Airlines is more suitable for Shanghai people and Hangzhou people. With its headquarters in Chongqing, Huaxia may be more suitable for tourists from Sichuan and Chongqing.

Is this wave of wool worth collecting?

Or personal needs

After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the two airlines, who is more suitable for this kind of products? For example, Hangzhou people work in Shenzhen, or Shenzhen people work in Hangzhou. Saturday morning flight, Sunday night flight back, can go back every weekend to accompany their families, can save a lot of transportation costs than usual.

Netizens clamoring to collect baldness the airline company

But actually, SAIC is the superior

In the face of netizens rubbing their hands and preparing to pull alopecia, Mr. Peng said, you may think a little simplistic. Judging from the financial report of China Eastern Airlines, it is estimated that the passenger traffic volume of China Eastern Airlines last year was 130 million, with an average attendance rate of about 80%, which means there are nearly 25 million vacant seats. Since its also empty, its better to sell it every year to earn some cash flow. And if that part of the capacity is released, the marginal cost is actually very low. Its like two friends sitting down to eat hot pot and suddenly a friend comes, that is, the cost of adding chopsticks and a little dish.

So, is such a marketing method brilliant and successful? Will other airlines continue to join in the later stage, which will lead to a promotion war?

According to Pengs analysis, the marketing was very successful, especially China Eastern Airlines. First, good strategy, second, good timing. There is a possibility for other airlines to follow up, but there is a problem: in fact, the latter airlines are under great pressure, because the time node of 618 has passed, and if new products are to be launched, the marketing cost will also be high. Through this promotion, China Eastern Airlines has achieved at least five goals: 1. It has obtained more than 300 million yuan of cash; 2. It has obtained a large number of new registered members to join; 3. The ticket price rules make selling tickets will not affect the existing source of profit - business passengers; 4. The cost is low, just enough to fill the spare seats of the flight; 5. The time does not cover the Spring Festival next year, to ensure the profit of the Spring Festival next year.

At present, two airlines have chosen this new way of playing. According to this years situation, it is estimated that all airlines will spare no effort to design products and promote sales so as to attract tourists. Lets wait and see.