Apple has released a series of new privacy features to share fuzzy location information

 Apple has released a series of new privacy features to share fuzzy location information

One of the most significant changes is that IOS 14 will change the way location tracking is handled. Currently, IOS system allows users to prevent specific applications from collecting data about your location, but the new version of IOS system also allows users to share approximate location data. This may allow a map application to display the correct general area without knowing where the user is.

The new operating system also incorporates new transparency measures designed to prevent applications from using cameras or microphones without the users knowledge. In IOS 14, whenever the microphone or camera is activated, the iPhone displays an orange dot in the upper right corner of the screen, similar to the green light built in next to the camera of the apple laptop.

The most important change is that Apple will require app developers to disclose new information. In the new system, the application developers need to explain the data types collected by the application and mark the specific information used to track network users. Of course, these information need to be reported by developers themselves, so the new system can not completely exclude unfair behavior, but it should be able to provide more data collection practice information.

IOS 14 is expected to be released this fall. (Chenchen)

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