E-review machine: apple develops its own arm chip to start the next decade

 E-review machine: apple develops its own arm chip to start the next decade

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On June 23, 2020, at 1 a.m., apple wwdc20 officially opened.

As in previous years, WWDC has not changed this year due to the global new crown epidemic. Although the form of online conference is the most used form by most brands this year, for apple, this is a precedent for more than 30 years.

No wonder Cook said in an interview, I know everything. there was no on-site interaction, no crowd. Whats more, the fast-paced and huge amount of information of wwdc20, from ios14 to applesilicon, took 1 hour, 46 minutes and 19 seconds.

This time, Apple has made its ecology more perfect. Whats more, Apple has really started its next decade with practical actions.

To be honest, the update and change of IOS 14 have been scraped off by various news sources in the exposure information before the launch. Although there is no drastic change in UI design, it is still in line with Apples Tonality: moistening things silently.

IOS 14 has added new features, the main one is that the main screen supports small components, intelligent overlay, picture in picture and other functions. Of course, the improvement of Siri and map reconstruction are also closely related to ordinary users.

Personally speaking, its a good news for iPhone users to customize the widgets. Because of the variety of apps, there are too many time-consuming and misoperation during selection. Apple has also come up with a solution: app Library (not literal translation, but app classification management). All apps will be arranged in the order of A-Z subtitles. Will it be possible at this time Some people think that Im going to be the Dragon brother with live delivery?

Appclips, Apple applets, is a totally unexpected function launched online. Of course, it is not difficult to understand the function launched online. QR code is not only exclusive to China at present. Although overseas promotion efforts are not as strong as those of foreign countries, QR code is also an inevitable trend. What has been done is that in Japan, when users want to use applets, appclips in the form of cards The bottom of the screen pops up.

In addition to the main widgets and applemaps, applemaps has also been rebuilt, and more importantly, map optimization for Beijing and Shanghai. Siris intelligence should be improved, but in fact, Siris current function is more of the role of duanzishou.

In general, although the iOS14 changes make complaints about the point of Tucao, all the details of the upgrade are friendly to the users. Perhaps apple iOS will no longer see enough visual impact. But from the user experience and ecological maintenance, iOS is still the best.

IPad OS and Mac OS have appeared one after another. At this time, I am reminded of the fact that many people said that the iPad will move towards MAC series wirelessly when iPad Pro updates its product line this year. But after the release of MAC osbigsur, whether its the redesigned icon element or the control center function, its just that Mac OS is approaching iPad OS.

The iPad OS upgrade basically keeps a high consistency with IOS 14, but Apple pencil and airpodspro let you watch and get excited. Apple pencil can recognize the users handwritten content, such as directly handwritten text in the address bar of the web page, the system recognizes the handwritten content, and automatically converts it into text; and airpodspro is to make the products in Apples ecosystem more seamless.

The change of MAC osbigsur is the biggest change of MAC system by apple in recent years. What we can see with the naked eye is the change of icon, which tends to iPad OS and IOS infinitely, which just returns to the original problem. When everyone thinks that iPad will be closer to Mac, Apples backhand is a palm, slapping all the way forecasters.

Integration, what Apple needs to do is not only perfect ecology, but also meet the needs of various product lines, which once again proves Apples requirements for users: either retreat from the circle, or the whole family bucket, you can choose one.

On the whole, Apple has been keeping innovation momentum for the iPad and MAC product lines, especially on the topic of how to keep users / give users the best experience.

What is the heaviest release of wwdc20? That must be self-developed chip. Cook officially announced the self-developed chip plan at the conference. The Mac will turn to Apples own customized processor, which also means the end of the chip cooperation between apple and Intel.

Apples R & D strength at the bottom chip end is needless to say. The series a products based on iPhone and iPad series products have shown the powerful strength of Apples R & D at the chip end to the outside world countless times, especially the CPU, GPU and machine learning performance are all the worlds top level. This time, Apples breakthrough and change in the chip side of MAC products will make apple innovate from the bottom chip side of MAC products, further improve the overall strength of Apples software and hardware optimization and integration, and make Apples ecosystem more perfect.

In Apples official words, when the new Mac series products use the chips developed by themselves, not only the overall performance is improved significantly, but also the power consumption can be controlled more effectively, so as to bring a better endurance experience. About the naming method of arm architecture chip based on Mac platform, apple didnt directly explain this time, but it is expected to use the letter A to name the same as iPhone and iPad, because the macmini test computer that Apple showed to the outside this time is equipped with a12z chip on the new iPad.

Why does Apple launch its own processor? In fact, its also obvious that Intel (this toothpaste factory) is obviously not very active in the speed of product iteration, and the speed of Apples PC product line iteration is basically the iteration of new products on the chip every year; secondly, MAC under arm architecture will have stronger competitiveness, which is the strategic layout of Apples ability to independently control the product rhythm and follow the future PC products; finally Apple wants to control the software and hardware autonomy, not only to maintain the product line, but also to maintain the entire apple ecosystem.

One more thing: it should be very difficult to install win system on MAC in the future.

Apple has been striving to be the best product in this era, and has been striving to create its own ecological prosperity.

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