200 people who have been diagnosed in a German apartment building escape from isolation and police conflict

 200 people who have been diagnosed in a German apartment building escape from isolation and police conflict

A novel coronavirus pneumonia case was diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia in Gottingen, 18 days after the government blocked the quarantine. On the 19 day, the community diagnosed 120 new crown pneumonia cases. On the 20 day, 200 residents tried to escape. The police clashed with police. People threw stones and bottles to the police. The police had to spray pepper spray to the crowd, resulting in a collision of 8 policemen. Injury, 21, there was no further conflict, the night police arrested a man admitted to be rioters.

The report pointed out that if the new coronavirus test results of the residents of the apartment building are negative, they can go out in groups of three, and they need to register to enter and leave the apartment building, and they need to wear masks during going out. The government of Gottingen provided food, daily necessities and medical services to the residents free of charge during the period of isolation. The government also said it would provide more information to residents of the apartment building to ease their uneasiness.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been well controlled and the mortality rate is far below that of Britain, Spain, Italy and France. But recently, there have been a number of clustered infections. As of 21, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 1331 of the new meat farmers in the North West Rhine, Westphalia county (North Westland), and 5 of them were in intensive care.

In the last three days, the infection rate of new coronavirus in Germany has soared from 0.86 to 2.88, and the number of new cases has risen again after a 10 week decline. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has previously warned that hospitals in Germany could be overwhelmed if the new coronavirus infection rate is slightly higher than 1.

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