Qingdao taxi and hotel collusion official: action will be taken.

 Qingdao taxi and hotel collusion official: action will be taken.

The Qingdao Municipal Transportation Commission has carried out a centralized inspection of the taxi operation in key areas and key complaints. Once the violation of the taxi operation is verified, the taxi operation will be concentrated and seriously dealt with. At the same time, convening the meeting of taxi enterprises, emphasizing the implementation of the responsibility of the enterprise, and further strengthening the management of the order of taxi operation and the quality of the drivers service, and punish the drivers in accordance with the regulations of enterprise management. Combined with the notice on the special management action of the operation order of the operation order of the taxi industry in the city, and the requirements of the seven management departments of the city, joint inspection and other measures should be made with the relevant functional departments to deal with the unchecked behavior according to their respective functions.

According to the management responsibilities, the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce urgently deploys the special renovation of the outstanding problem of the tourist season, such as taxi driver, passenger and slaughters, severely punished after investigating the related illegal activities, and resolutely punished the behavior of seeking the profits by damaging the rights and interests of the consumers in the peak season, and with the relevant law enforcement departments, the news media, and the media, Tourists and citizens should work closely together to create a safe and secure consumption environment. If there is a demand for consumer rights protection, please call the 0532-12345 government hotline at any time.

Qingdao Tourism Development Commission will actively cooperate with the transportation, industry and commerce departments to make taxi special activities for hotel solicitation. At the same time, organize the citys tourism industry to carry out the special regulation action of sword action - 3 tourism service quality, and resolutely crack down on illegal operation and misconduct of tourism enterprises.

Qingdao traffic and Transportation Committee

Qingdao Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce

July 30, 2018

Qingdaos expensive shrimp after the rip off routine: taxi for hotel soliciting royalty 30%

The taxi drivers are pulled to the recommended restaurants in airports, hotels and some tourist attractions. People know that these cab drivers cooperate with a number of hotels, taking beer from the Tsingtao Brewery factory, fresh food and good taste and so on. It is up to 30%.