Airpods Pro is going crazy again! Multi channel stereo sound support

 Airpods Pro is going crazy again! Multi channel stereo sound support

Through the software update, apple focused on the airpodspro in the airpods series products to bring a more stereo experience. Using the gyroscope built in the headset to achieve a new space audio function, it can simulate the sound effect of 5.1 or even 7.1 channels, while supporting the Dolby panoramic sound. Even if you move your head, the sound source will remain in its original position. Of course, the premise is that your video source supports multichannel coding.

In addition, the airpods series also supports the new seamless switching function of multiple devices after upgrading. The headset will automatically switch the audio input according to the Apple device you use. For example, when you listen to songs on your iPhone and play video on your MacBook notebook, the audio will be switched to your computer, but if there is a call at this time, the audio will be switched back to the iPhone, which seems to be more suitable for users with multiple Apple devices.

In this way, you can wear the air podspro to watch large movies, which will give you a fantastic effect of watching movies in the cinema. It seems that as soon as the new function is launched, airpodspro will be sold crazy again.

Source: Netease mobile editor: Wu Bo_ NT3514